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Time is Urgent

Satan is surely having a field day in the 21st century!  That which was once unthinkable is too often the norm.  Behavior that was once aberrant is now law of the land.  Attitudes that once reflected the fear of God now belligerently blaspheme His name.  Because we made Satan a cartoon, the culture has made God a joke.  This current generation has forgotten a timeless principle which is true whether one is a Christian or not.  That precept is found in life and also recorded in Scripture.  Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows that will he also reap. (Gal.6:7).  The law of the harvest applies to the just and the unjust.  Whatever one sows is exactly what one can expect to harvest.  And, the time comes when the harvest is ripe and the harvester moves swiftly to gather the yield.

The same is true in a life.  One can live in denial that the laws of God apply to them.  How sadly naïve!  They live oblivious that they live under the same laws of nature that Christians do.  We all have and live under the principles of the same laws of physics, aerodynamics, energy, medical sciences, technology, and the like.  If the “physical laws” are constant and are “in force” for all mankind, then it is foolish to think that the laws of God’s eternal Kingdom are not applicable to all.  The Bible is clear, “whatever one sows that will he also reap”.  Some live as if God is not relevant, His laws are not mandatory, and His Day of Judgment will not affect them in any way.  They need to realize that the “game clock” of life is always moving toward “our fourth quarter” when time will run out and we will have no more “downs” to repent and receive eternal life. 

Jeff Stratton is a pastor in Evansville, Indiana. A few years ago he was called to visit a 93 year-old man who had terminal cancer. His name was Adolph Allen and he had been a hard-living, hard-drinking, union ironworker for most of his life. Two minutes into their first conversation, Adolph looked at Jeff and asked, “Is it fair for someone to live their whole life one way and then at the end of their life to ask God to take them to heaven?” 

After thinking for a minute, Jeff said, “No, Adolph it’s not fair. But luckily for you and me, God is not fair.” 

Jeff shared the plan of salvation with him and this 93-year-old man bowed his head and asked Jesus to come into his heart. 

Four weeks later Jeff preached Adolph’s funeral and he talked about how some football games come down to a final play. The team that’s behind might have been outplayed the whole game, but on this last play the quarterback fades back and heaves a Hail-Mary pass into the end zone as time expires. The ball might be batted around but if an offensive receiver catches it, the game is over, and they win. Jeff said, “That’s what happened with Adolph. The devil was in the lead for most of his life, but the final score was Jesus – ‘1’ and the devil – ‘0’!”  (From a sermon by David Dykes, “That’s not FAIR! No, that’s GRACE!” 8/19/2012).