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America has lost a strong virtue that once made us unique.  We have lost that sense of personal responsibility.  That was once the very DNA in the mind and heart of every settler and immigrant to this country.  The masses that came here were not looking for a hand-out but a hand-up!  The world at one time envied Americans.  The “word was” that if you could get to America, you could find work, earn a good living, and provide a better life for your children than you had experienced.  That sense of mission to provide for family, work with pride and honor, build a strong infrastructure within the populace through church-school-home as an unbreakable three-fold cord, and defend this country with our own life’s blood when required…that was our life!

Sadly, we have become a nation of entitled citizens.  We say that about the violent and the indigent, but have you considered the rest of the citizenry?  People work to get a wage and rarely consider how one’s work is improving the company.  We join churches for what they church offers to ‘us” with little thought of how will this “commitment” enables the member to invest time, energy, and money to serve Christ through the family of faith.  The poor live on systems that discourage honest work.  The violent are sure that they deserve what they got through killing and stealing.  And, the grossly sinful now demand their “rights” to live in debauchery.

We need to return to the shocking truth that America is a nation that was birthed in freedom.  Liberty is a gift from God and therefore, it is a sacred trust.  It is not an “entitlement”.  It was not given for the purpose of doing what one wants without restrictions (that is anarchy).  It is doing what men ought to build a strong nation of free men. We are heirs of the liberties our fathers and grandfathers purchased with blood.  We dare not act irresponsibly as if it were not our concern.

The story is told of a farmhand who had worked for a married couple for several years. As time went on, the couple grew older and older.  They couldn’t do as much as they once had done and the farm was beginning to look a little shabby. The paint on the barn was peeling. The fences had holes in them and slats were loose. The gravel road had potholes in it. Shingles on top of the farmhouse were beaten and weathered and needed replacing. The farmhand could see the many areas that needed attention, but as the farmhand made his way to milk the cows each day, he thought: “What is that to me? It’s not my farm.”

Then, one day the farmer and his wife asked him to come for dinner. They told him how much he had meant to them.  They told him that they had no children to inherit the farm, so they wanted to give it to HIM when they died.

The next day, the farmhand was walking to the barn, he noticed the paint on the barn. In a few days he’d painted the barn and fixed the fence, and in the next few weeks he was putting a new roof on the farmhouse and putting new gravel on the road.  Why would he do that? What made the difference in his attitude? He was now an heir. And as a Son that would inherit it all, he began to treat the old farm differently than he ever had before.

And so it is with us. We are heirs to the Kingdom of God. And because we are heirs we have the joy of knowing that what we do, we do because of the fabulous gift of salvation our Father has given us. Scripture says, “Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ”.  (Romans 8:16-17).  (copied).    So ought we to live as citizens of two Kingdoms….one here and one awaiting us!