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How Much Are You Worth?

How much are you worth?  That question now prompts a follow-up question in the 21st century.  The follow-up question is, “In what area of life”?  We are active in so many things that our worth varies depending on which part of life is being “evaluated” to determine one’s worth.  For many folks their “self-worth” is so often the area where they feel the least value.  Doubts about effectiveness, contributions, success, and “need” for that person’s work are all subject for concern.

Self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem are all closely related and are based on a personal belief system. Beliefs are rarely about reality. They are an emotional conclusion based on our personal perception. Someone has given: 

5 Factors that influence self-worth…..

  1. Someone else’s opinion or your perception.
  2. What you’ve acquired or what you have given.
  3. IQ or practical thinking ability.
  4. Accomplishments or efforts.
  5. Flash or substance. (this content was taken from the website located at:

The truth is that our worth is enormous. Whenever a work of art is being evaluated, several comments are made regarding what make it priceless.  The “expert” in that particular kind of art will speak about the brilliance of color, intricate detail, exquisite features, durability, the artist fame, the fine degree of realism, and the way that the “work” makes one feel.

Since we know those are the things that create great value, consider any one of us.  We were created by the Greatest Designer of all time; our features are extremely well crafted; the skin hues of all of God’s people are varied and brilliant; the durability is for 70 plus years with very little need for repair or maintenance most of the time.  And, every one of the “masterful works” were created in the image of the Master Designer!

Our worth is not just because of Who made us, but because the Master Designer came after each of us when we had fallen into the Black Market of evil.  He did not give up until He found every one that belonged to Him and paid an exorbitant price to buy us back and put us on display as trophies of His amazing love and workmanship. My worth is huge!  I have been bought from the open market by the Son of God and I am sealed in His vault of salvation….safe forevermore!

An American tourist in Paris, who purchased an inexpensive amber necklace in a trinket shop, was shocked when he had to pay quite a high duty on it to clear customs in New York. This aroused his curiosity, so he had it appraised. After looking at the object under a magnifying glass, the jeweler said, “I’ll give you $25,000 for it.” Greatly surprised, the man decided to have another expert examine it. When he did, he was offered $10,000 more.

“What do you see that’s so valuable about this old necklace?” asked the astonished man. “Look through this glass,” replied the jeweler. There before his eyes was an inscription: ““From Napoleon Bonaparte to Josephine.” The value of the necklace came from its identification with a famous person.  (copied).             And, all of God’s children said, “Me, too!”