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Too Heavy For Me

Our language has several words or phrases that mean the same thing just in different words or phrases.  It is in the various words that express nuances of the same thing that a person has the ability to vividly describe most anything in life.  The larger one’s vocabulary, the more descriptive and clear they can tell a story or relate an account of some true event.

One of the words that has various synonyms is “surrender”. There are various words that capture the intent and meaning of “surrender”…..”give up”, “vacate”, “yield one’s rights to another”, “run up the white flag”, or “cessation of resistance”.   No matter how one says it, most of us will do everything we can to keep from “surrendering”.  We are convinced that what we do “on the job” just could not possibly be done as well by anyone else so we ignore suggestions.  Or, that the desires of our hearts are superior to the desires and dreams of our mate so we will not yield to their “lesser goals”.  Or, we are convinced that our way of doing a task “is” the right way and the only good way for a person to do that deed and we will not yield to a different method.

Sadly, the place where we are the most obstinate in surrendering our will is when we are called to surrender to the will of God.  Although we profess to believe the Bible, and profess to know that God’s designs and desires for us are from a heart of love, finding anyone that is fully submissive to the will of God is next to impossible.  All of us yield to some degree, but very rare is the person that is truly “fully” committed to be obedient and steadfast in fulfilling God’s will.  The result is that we are often under a much heavier load of “man-made or self-centered expectations” that tend to destroy our joy and rob our peace of mind.

Abraham laid down his Isaac. Is God calling you to lay down your Isaac today and remember the words of Andrew Murray: God is ready to assume full responsibility for the life wholly yielded to Him.  Bruce Larson tells how he helped people struggling to surrender their lives to Christ: 

“For many years I worked in New York City and counseled at my office any number of people who were wrestling with this yes-or-no decision. Often I would suggest they walk with me from my office down to the RCA Building on Fifth Avenue. In the entrance of that building is a gigantic statue of Atlas, a beautifully proportioned man who, with all his muscles straining, is holding the world upon his shoulders. 

There he is, the most powerfully built man in the world, and he can barely stand up under this burden. ‘Now that’s one way to live,’ I would point out to my companion, ‘trying to carry the world on your shoulders. But now come across the street with me.’ 

“On the other side of Fifth Avenue is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and there behind the high altar is a little shrine of the boy Jesus, perhaps eight or nine years old, and with no effort he is holding the world in one hand. My point was illustrated graphically.   “We have a choice. We can carry the world on our shoulders, or we can say, ‘I give up, Lord; here’s my life. I give you my world.'”  (copied).