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Dreams Really Do Come True

Children have vivid imaginations.  Their ability to “pretend” that they are a movie character, cartoon character, or a significant person in their lives….all can be played out on any given day in a child’s world. Peers reinforce the dreams of grandeur by being a part of the “let’s pretend” experience. Parents and grandparents applaud, laugh, and “act” accordingly in displaying fear, joy, or total attentiveness.

As we grow older, we still dream and imagine.  Those that are good at it write those things down as goals and begin to seriously pursue making those dreams come true.  All of us have better lives because of the dreams and visions of those that have gone before us.  How grateful I am that Eisenhower signed the legislation to establish interstate highways.  Who among us is not thrilled the George Washington Carver dreamed up peanut butter (it was up to us to add jelly!).  What would our world be like if Edison had not invented the light bulb and motion pictures?  And, what in the world we have done without Ray Kroc’s “MacDonald’s” or the Colonel’s Fried Chicken?  I shudder at the thoughts of that bleak landscape!

If you have read the biographies of great leaders, you will find in every story the great disappointments and sorrows they experienced.  You will also find that one person who, at a critical moment or season of life, was present to cheer them on.  It was that voice that was so needed to affirm their direction, solidify their resolve, and give them the renewed strength to try again until they succeeded.

You and I need that, too.  That is why God encouraged His servants when they needed His strong arm for their support and help.  Remember the words to Joshua?  Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be dismayed: for the LORD your God [is] with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9.

In 1896, Henry Ford attended a company event where Thomas Edison (the great inventor) was the guest of honor. His friend introduced him to Edison as “the man trying to make a car that runs on gasoline.”

Edison asked young Henry Ford a host of questions and when the talk was over, Edison banged his fist down on the table and said, “Young man, that’s the thing! You have it! Your car is self- contained and carries its own power plant.”

Years later, Ford, reflecting on their first meeting, said in a newspaper interview, “That bang on the table was worth worlds to me. No man up to then had given me any encouragement. I had hoped that I was headed right. Sometimes I knew that I was, sometimes I only wondered, but here, all at once and out of a clear sky, the greatest inventive genius in the world had given me complete approval. The man who knew most about electricity in the world had said that for the purpose, my gas motor was better than any electric motor could be.”  (copied).