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Construction Zone

Lots of folks go through a construction project sometime in their lives.  It may be building a home, an office, a new business location, a church facility, or some other structure.  Everyone has had to deal with the inconveniences of construction, for sure.  Consider all of the orange barrels and detours you have had to maneuver to get somewhere.  Or the sign in your favorite shopping place or restaurant that says, “Pardon the inconvenience” while the site is being renovated.

For those of us in Broken Arrow, construction is ongoing in our city and in the surrounding area in almost every sector.  We see new construction being done in subdivisions of homes being built, new shopping areas under construction along with new hotels, a new convention center, new retirement areas, new highway expansions, and “more”.

Being witnesses to so much improvement to a community caused me to consider how much attention we are giving to the “transformation” of communities, businesses, schools, churches, and “people” spiritually?  Are we aware of lots of “construction and renovation” being done in the souls of men and women?  Is there a great spiritual movement taking place that allows us to place “God at Work” signs over hearts and lives of folks we know, in our households, and on our church signs?  When people visit our worship services or for those that are regular attenders, do they have the awareness that God is actively at work building up the children of God…”precept by precept and line upon line” to attain the full stature of God’s design for us?  What kind of materials are you sending ahead for God to work on your life now….things like submission, obedience, “hunger and thirst for righteousness”?  And, what are we sending ahead to prepare a place for us in heaven forever….”wood, hay, stubble or silver, gold, and precious stones”?  No one wants second rate materials to be used for earthly construction.  So, are we also that demanding when it comes to the spiritual life which abides forever?

A wealthy man before leaving on an extended vacation said to a contractor, “While I am away, I want you to build me a fine new home according to these plans. Be sure you work with extreme care, and use the best of everything. Tell me the cost as soon as you have it and I’ll send you a check.” During the process of construction the contractor discovered many opportunities to substitute inferior materials; he put in his own pocket the money he saved. His employer would never know the difference, and he himself would profit. But he soon regretted his dishonesty. 

The wealthy man upon his return inspected the finished home and said: “You have built it exactly as I wanted it, and I’m sure that you used the best of everything in its construction. Now, in appreciation for your long years of service to me, I am giving you this new home for your very own. Here’s the deed!”

Church, we are building for eternity. Do we build with inferior materials or do we build with choice materials on the foundation of Christ? Don’t ever forget, the house we will have later on depends on the material we are using now. (Copied)   Psalm 90:17 – May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands.