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What a Big Mouth You Have

Not all of you are old enough to remember some of the grand shows that first entertained America on the black and white inventions called “television”. It was Ralph Kramden, (Jackie Gleason), in the old time television show, THE HONEYMOONERS that would speak first and regret it later.  His words often set in motion a series of bad happenings.  When he was finally found out as the catalytic cause of all of the confusion, he would often admit his error by loudly proclaiming, “I have a BIG mouth!  A BIG MOUTH!”

That has been my Achilles heel always.  I never was a quiet child.  Elementary school for me was more fun than work.  But, it was because I talked and laughed more with those seated near me than I listened to the teacher.  In one of my elementary years, a creative (and frustrated) teacher put my desk “out to the side” from the rest of the class and “several feet away” from the nearest “human contact”.  It was her way of trying to make me stop talking.  Sadly, it just made me a better “lip reader and communicator”.   I don’t think she lived long enough to see that all of my talking was finally put to use as a preacher.  Unfortunately, now the church puts a distance between me and them by sitting as near to the back as possible!  Ugh!  I still long for human contact!!!!1

Not everyone is like me in that regard.  Many people are extremely timid and shy.  They are terrified to speak to anyone much less to a group of folks.  They look down to avoid eye contact. They often speak so softly that they must repeat (painfully for them!) the statement a second time to be understood.  They choose to sit alone, away from the crowd, and if possible come in after everyone else is seated and leave before the others to avoid being in the crowd.  Over the years, I have been very much of a problem to introverts.  I don’t even whisper quietly.  I have tried to be reserved but I look so stressed from the pressure of subduing the volcanic volume of speech within me that I appear to need medical attention.  I do apologize to all I have stressed by my loud and sometimes, obnoxious greetings.  Like an oversized dog that jumps on you, I have shocked some by “over-the-top” blasts of conversation.  It is not with malice….just eagerness.

Have you ever heard of the “Dependent Order of Really Meek and Timid Souls”?

When you make an acrostic of its first letters, you have “D.O.O.R.M.A.T.S.” The “Doormats” have an official insignia—a yellow caution light. Their official motto is: “The meek shall inherit the earth, if that’s okay with everybody!”  The society was founded by Upton Dickson who wrote a pamphlet called, “Cower Power”.  (Chuck Swindoll, THE QUEST FOR CHARACTER, Multnomah, p. 44).

The Kingdom of God has all kinds of people and all are loved by our LORD.  There does come a time when we must not be silent or secretive.  That time is when the opportunity arises to be used by our LORD to stand in the gap for His name’s sake.  In this age of paganism, it is good to remember, 2 Timothy 1:7For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.