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Ground is Level At Foot of Cross

This is the greatest of weeks in the Christian calendar.  We have many marvelous occasions for worship, celebration, and congregational fellowship.  However, the apex of all holidays for a true Christ follower is Easter.  All over the world, all sects and denominations of Christians will be focused on Easter Sunday that is fast approaching.  Christians will gather in churches each day for worship services to reflect on the various events in the life of Christ during that last week before Golgotha.  Many observe very special church or family traditions to remind them of the sacred nature of this holy week.  And, every Christian truly does everything possible to be in church on Easter Sunday to celebrate one more time the good news of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus!

If we were to go back to that Passion Week that was “live” 2000 years ago, we would have wanted to be in Jerusalem.  That was certainly true for all Jews and would have been a very celebrative occasion even for Gentiles to witness the flurry of activity surrounding Jewish family time, religious observances, the Passover meal, and the remembrance of God leading Israel out of Egypt over 1300 years before Jesus time on the earth.  Jesus had entered the city on the back of a donkey on Sunday to the sounds of “Hosanna!  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

On Monday of that week, He returned to Jerusalem early.  He has seen a fig tree that appeared to have “early fruit” but when He drew near to the tree, it was “fruitless”.  He cursed that fig tree and declared it would bear fruit nevermore.  Then, He entered the Temple.  Tragically, it had become a sophisticated “money-making” system that kept the High Priest and his “associates” rolling in cash gained from extorting the common people coming to worship.  The concessions which the Jewish leaders operated in the temple condemned any gift brought by the people to offer as a sacrifice.  The folks were forced to buy sacrificial animals at huge mark-ups that were oppressive.  It was for that behavior that Christ drove out the money changers from the temple.

Jesus came that all who believe in Him might enter in to meet with God in repentance, salvation, and worship.  It is true that the “ground is level at the foot of the cross”.  All have sinned and Christ has paid sin’s penalty for us to be free!

It was related that once when the Duke of Wellington remained to take communion at his parish church, a very poor old man also went up the opposite aisle, and reaching the Communion table, knelt down close by the side of the Duke. Immediately, tension and commotion interrupted the silence of the church.  Someone came and touched the poor man on the shoulder.  The well- meaning church official whispered to the old man to move farther away, or to rise and wait until the Duke had received the bread and the wine.

But the eagle eye and the quick ear of the great commander caught sight of what was happening. He knew the meaning of “that touch” and “that whisper”. He clasped the old man’s hand and held him to prevent his rising.  And, in a reverential but distinct undertone, the Duke said, “Do not move, Sir.  We are equal here.” (copied).