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Shut Off That Alarm

So many devices are wired to provide warning signals.  Car alarms were installed to let the public know that an unauthorized person was seeking to break into another person’s vehicle.  Little did the developer realize that so many alarms would sound by accident that the time would come when people did not even look when the alarm sounded in a parking lot.  Alarms sound when one walks through an airport detector having forgotten to take one thing from one’s pocket.  The frequency of occurrence dulls the public’s fear that the sound could be a malicious act.

Living in Oklahoma during the springtime tornado season provides an exponential increase of radio, television, and emergency warning systems seeking to provide multiple ways to warn the public of the real and present possibility of a pending tornado.  Many a person, rather than immediately seeking shelter, runs outside to see if they can see the funnel cloud or watch the fearful, dark clouds hoping for one to form so they can  watch.  Again, the warning was not seen as a “warning”.  Rather, it was used by the public as an “announcement” for a spectacular event “coming to a neighborhood near you” very soon.   Over time, people grow numb to alarms, distress signals, and warnings….and too often, to their own detriment!

At 3:30 am on September 30, 1882, Robert E. Lee caught fire thirty miles north of New Orleans.

Robert E. Lee was a remarkable, steam powered paddle boat that was enjoyed by the wealthy for river excursions. It had steamed out of Vicksburg, MS. Hundreds of people were aboard. Three hours after midnight the boat caught fire. The captain discovered it and told his first mate to rush down through the saloon and down every corridor to wake everyone up. He didn’t have time to make explanations. 

Strangely some became angry at having been awaken rudely. They thought it was a drunkard or a practical joker. Some were amused. They laughed until you could hear them screaming in terror as the flames overcame them. 

Others heard the warning but just couldn’t believe it and waited to hear it again more clearly. But as the young man ran down the corridor his message was harder to hear. In another few minutes they were swept down into a frightful death.  But there were some who heard the warning and believed it to be true. They awakened from their sleep and made their escape to safety.

This is exactly the way the world is treating the warnings of God. Some become angry with the straight gospel. Others are amused. They get entertained. Then there are those who hear the gospel and then they gradually cease to hear. They profess they are waiting for a convenient season to set things straight with God.

There are some though, who here God’s warning and accept Jesus into their lives, putting on the garment of salvation and escaping a burning hell. And it is for their sakes that we must keep on proclaiming the gospel.  We must understand. THE BOAT IS ON FIRE. Time is running out.  (Copied).