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Grace So Amazing

Everybody has a story.  Each and every person has a marvelous description of a journey through the stages of life.  As we listen to the accounts of other’s lives, we hear some that have similarities and we are drawn to them since we have similar life experiences.  Others tell of things that cause us to empathize, grimace, or shake our heads in disbelief as we listen to what another has endured or what they did in criminal acts.  One man made all of us sick to think he could have even lived to do his horrible deeds.  Here is a glimpse of that man’s story……

Jeffrey Dahmer was a convicted serial killer and was given the name the “Milwaukee Cannibal”.  When arrested, it was learned that Dahmer sexually assaulted, cooked, and ate his victims over a period of time from 1978-1991.  You don’t really get much more heinous than that. He was awarded 16 life sentences. While in prison, Dahmer met with Roy Ratcliff, a minister with the Church of Christ in Madison, Wisconsin, and turned his life over to Jesus Christ. He was baptized in prison, knowing that he would never leave prison alive. He had nothing to gain in this life, but everything to gain in the next. Not only was Dahmer changed, but Dahmer’s experience changed Ratcliff. 

Pastor Ratcliff became convinced of Dahmer’s sincerity during seven months of prison visits. “I feel very, very bad about the crimes I’ve committed,” Dahmer told Ratcliff. “In fact, I think I should have been put to death by the state for what I did.”

We may scoff at jailhouse conversions, but within months of Dahmer’s baptism, people noticed a Christian spirit in him. His father and pen pals noticed the difference, and his father, who had left the church, has since been restored as a faithful member. Dahmer’s younger brother also had a conversion experience of his own. 

Dahmer was killed in prison by a fellow inmate a few months after his baptism in 1994. At his memorial service, along with his own family and several Christians, two sisters of one of his victims attended, having grown close to Dahmer’s family after their brother’s death. 

That may have been Dahmer’s last chance for repentance, and he took it. But many of us think he shouldn’t have been given another chance. He didn’t deserve it. And that’s true. He didn’t deserve another chance. But neither do we!   (Copied).

Isaac Watts captured the goodness of God’s grace in “ALAS! AND DID MY SAVIIOR BLEED”

Was it for crimes that I have done, he groaned upon the tree?
Amazing pity! Grace unknown! And love beyond degree! 

Thus might I hide my blushing face while his dear cross appears;
dissolve my heart in thankfulness, and melt mine eyes to tears.