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Quality Time

No one has much time to do nothing.  As adults, we have enough pulling at us in the business, family, church, community, and recreation world to keep us busy.  But that is not the extent of the demands on our time.  The longer we live, the demands grow in their time expectations that our children need, parents need due to health limitations, grandchildren seek, as well as various organizations that now seek our time and money because of the desire they have to tap our “life lesson’s knowledge” for their organization.

How we juggle all of that is different for every person.  One thing is for sure, we do not give the same amount of time and attention to all of those areas.  We pick and choose what is most important (or what is most needful at a given moment in time) and that is where we invest our energies.  When asked about an area that we know and wish we could be devoting more time to, we find ourselves saying something like, “Well, I don’t spend a great quantity of time doing (that, whatever that may be) but the time I do give is quality time.”  In other words, if I know I am short changing one aspect of life consistently, my justification is that I feel the limited time given can be justified by seeking to give quality bursts of time rather than regularly scheduled time.

Wearing a fresh shine on his shoes, a suit his wife gave him on graduation day and a determined look on his face, Brian stood outside his new office. It wasn’t the corner office, but it looked pretty good to him. The smell of new leather from his chair and the warm glow of sunshine streaming through the window greeted him as he positioned his alligator briefcase on the corner of his mahogany desk. 

Click, click. Brian opened his briefcase and took out three items–a hammer, a nail and his college degree. “Hello, Brian.” Mr. Pensky, Brian’s new boss said as he extended his right hand, “Welcome to Acme Widget, Inc.” Still holding the hammer, Brian reached out to shake his employer’s hand. “Excuse me, sir,” Brian said, noticing his mistake. He sat the hammer on his desk, shook Mr. Pensky’s hand and said, “It’s good to be here sir.” 

Mr. Pensky smiled, and turned to leave. As he was walking out of the room he said, “We’ll be having a staff meeting at 10:00 this morning in the conference room, I’ll introduce you to everybody then.” 

“I’m sorry, sir, but that won’t work for me.” Mr. Pensky spun, reentered the room and stood motionless in his grey flannel suit. “What do you mean that won’t work for you?” 

“Well,” Brian explained, “I’m planning on leaving the office around 9:30 this morning to go fishing with some friends. You know what they say, ’it isn’t the quantity, but the quality of time that matters.’ I won’t be spending much time in the office while I’m working for you, but I assure you the time I spend will be high quality.”  (Copied).

How will you spend the 24 hours you are given today?  What will get the lion’s share of your time and who will get brief moments?  Be very careful how you spend your time.  It is a very precious commodity and the moments, once spent, can never be recalled to spend again.  Be very wise in your “spending”.