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I Thank God For Every Remembrance

As many of you know, my mother went to be with our LORD this past week.  She was quite a lady and lived life to the full with great enthusiasm.  She has now entered the most glorious and spectacular setting she has ever seen.  It must be amazing in that first instant when our faith is made sight and we leave the limitations of this body to be a citizen of the massive, eternal, and blindingly bright Kingdom of God.

Mother was reared in Knoxville, TN, and married my father there in 1950.  They were married for 58 years and got to serve churches in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Hawaii, and Alaska before dad retired from being a Baptist preacher.  Mother loved fine jewelry and junk sales at flea markets (quite a contrast!).  In their years in Honolulu, mother was a store manager for a diamond store.  She loved every minute of that!

Her personality was outgoing.  Her sense of humor was super and sometimes mischievous.  My father was very organized and methodical.  Mother wasn’t.  He had a work ethic that made the rest of us feel lazy.  Mother loved to have fun and that kept my father young.  The two of them loved being together and they truly loved each other dearly.  Both of them delighted in discovering new places that were “off the beaten paths”.  Small towns as well as big cities were viewed as adventures waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Mother loved to cook.  When we were children, she was a true homemaker.  Every evening, we had something “hot” for our dinner as a family together.  And, because she loved chocolate and sweets, our home always had cookies, brownies, fudge, cakes, pies, and assorted bags of candy everywhere.  Dad, having been reared really very poor by his grandfather and an uncle on a hilly farm in East Tennessee, discovered ice cream when he enlisted in the Navy. So, along with mother’s love for baked and homemade sweets, Dad had us outside with the “hand-cranked” ice cream maker making sure that he could enjoy his love of ice cream as we shared her latest kitchen creation of culinary sweetness.  You wonder why my girth is large??????

It was mother that was meticulous about school work when we were young.  I always had to show her my homework before I went to bed.  It was to make sure that I had done it so that there was no chance for being derelict.  But, she also insisted on neatness.  Many a time, before I could go to bed, she would make me rewrite my homework so that it would be “neat” and free from erasure marks.  I did not realize that she was teaching me that “whatever you do, do it the best that you can”.  Great lesson for life!

My parents had two boys of which I am the oldest and ten years later had two girls.  That was great for my mother.  The girls became her best friends as daughters do.  She spent many marvelous days with them and shared life’s greatest joys and even some very deep sorrows through their journeys.

Thank you for the many ways you have demonstrated your love and compassion for my family during this time of saying farewell to my mother.  You are all like family to me and your every expression of love has brought comfort and joy to my heart.  My parents loved you because you have loved us so very much.  Even though my mom and dad have gone from us, it is only temporary.  “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King”!