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That is Just Wrong

No one likes to find out that they have been “taken”.  No one likes to discover that someone has just significantly over charged them for an item purchased or a service rendered.  It is bad enough to have to spend a sizeable sum to purchase something that is absolutely essential to function, but, to be deceived and swindled makes the pain much more difficult.  Not only are you hurting because of the need, when you are robbed by a smiling person that appears to be helping you, it can be infuriating.

The amazing thing is we know that Satan is a liar and that everything he presents to us will be costly.  Someone has said that sin always “takes us farther than we wanted to stray, costs us more than we want to pay, and makes us stay longer than we want to stay”.  Sadly, we still are deceived and “buy in” to temptation repeatedly.  Too late, we get upset by our soul’s blindness.

Imagine you are on your way to church one Sunday morning. You have had a more difficult week than normal. You are physically, emotionally and spiritually drained. You realize that you are running on fumes and are looking forward to getting your tank filled up so you can face the world again Monday morning.

You are particularly excited about the worship service because you know we will be observing the Lord’s Supper, which is always a special service. But when you pull into the parking lot you quickly notice that it is already full, and you have a difficult time finding a place to park. But even though you have to park over in the field you are still excited about being here and are looking forward to what God has in store for you today.

You notice that there are a lot of people standing outside on the steps and you wonder what is going on. When you get a little closer you realize that a couple of tables have been set up outside and that people are waiting in line for some reason. You also notice that people are writing checks and converting them and the paper money they have into silver coins. You wonder what is going on and ask the person in front of you what’s up. They inform you that the members of the Finance Committee recently made the decision to have everyone start using a new type of Church currency for the tithes and offerings.

You wait patiently in line and sure enough when you finally make it to the table you are told that you need the new church currency in order to make an offering. So you take out a $20 bill and lay it down on the table and the person at the table takes your money and gives you a $10 church coin in return. When you finally get through the front door you immediately notice more tables and more lines. At one table you notice some people are buying hymnbooks, while others are simply renting them. At another table you discover that they are selling communion bread for $5.00 and a cup of grape juice for $7.50. The longer you stand there the madder you get. You make a vow right then and there to never miss another business meeting again and to do your best to see that heads would roll over this. 

If you can imagine an experience like this and how frustrating it would be, then you can relate to how Jesus must have felt when he entered the temple courts during Passover to worship the Heavenly Father. (Copied).

Are we as angry over Satan’s deceptions as we are over wasted money spent?   “Don’t be deceived, God is not mocked.”