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Courage Is…..

“I would not put up with that.  Good thing they did not treat me that way.  I would have let them have it!”  It is amazing how very brave we are when telling someone else to fight.  And, how very reserved we are when we are called on to stand up for what is right.  Advice is ever and always available from by-standers that do not have to do anything but talk. That is the reason that they are so vociferous when giving advice to another when they hear a friend’s encounter with a person acting unkindly or rude.

Valor is what must be first lodged in the heart of a man before it is displayed in times of conflict.  One that knows the risks, knows the costs of being true to convictions, seeking to be a peacemaker first and stepping up to physically fight when all else fails is the man that is decorated as a hero.  The hot-headed person does more harm than good and accomplishes little other than igniting anger in the opponent.  The vocal agitator only vents their disagreements over issues and responds with threats and insults and are equally ineffective.  The coward chooses to do nothing in hopes that malignancies of moral issues will somehow just get better on their own…and that does not happen.

Courage is standing when all others have walked away. Courage is being true when lesser men have compromised core values to their shame.  Courage is being bold when the “crowd” has bowed out.  Courage is refusing to run from truth when others retreat when confronted by those that rejoice in lies.

One’s true character and courage will be tried and tested.  The men and women we respect are those that do not bend to the whim of the times, run from the conflicts, or succumb to peer pressure or political correctness.  We need real men of God and real women of Faith to stand in this evil generation for the truth, laws, and eternal precepts of the Lord God Almighty!

Two soldiers, traveling together, were set upon by a robber. The one fled away; the other stood his ground, and defended himself with his stout right hand. 

The robber being slain, the timid companion returns, runs up and draws his sword, and then, throwing back his traveling cloak, says: “Let me at him, and I’ll take care he shall learn whom he has attacked.” 

On this, he who had fought with the robber made answer: “I only wish that you had helped me just now, even if it had been only with those words, for I should have been the more encouraged, believing them to be true; but now put up your sword in its sheath and hold your equally useless tongue, till you can deceive others who do not know you. I, indeed, who have experienced with what speed you ran away, know right well that no dependence can be placed on your valor.”