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Sad State of Mr. Lonely

In Council Bluffs, Iowa, some years ago, a lonely 76-year-old ex-convict demanded two $50 bills from a bank teller on Monday and then announced he would be outside in his car smoking a cigarette — waiting to be returned to prison.

Police said Marvin Stewart walked into the People’s National Bank in this western Iowa city and handed a teller a note demanding the two $50 bills and no more.  Bank employees were not sure he was serious, but they gave him the money. Then, Stewart left the bank, and did just what he had told the teller he was going to do…….he walked to his car, sat in the driver’s seat, lit a cigarette, and waited.  That is where the police found him.

You kind of feel sorry for the old guy,” said detective Richard Stehly of the Council Bluffs Police Department. Stewart previously was sentenced to five years in prison for robbing a bank in Ohio but was paroled in 1987 after serving 17 months.

On the morning of the robbery, Stewart apparently ate breakfast at a nearby McDonald’s then walked into a branch of People’s National Bank in Council Bluffs. Although he gave the teller a note demanding money, but did not use any weapons or threaten violence.

The frail senior, who uses a cane to walk and told police he was suffering from colon cancer, was arrested in a bank parking lot in Council Bluffs after he allegedly demanded two $50 bills from a bank teller and then told bank employees he’d be outside waiting for police.

Detectives said Stewart told them he had no family, and that he wanted to go back to federal prison after spending the last several months homeless.

“It is a little odd,” said Police Sgt. Ray Mabbitt.  Stewart, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, may get his wish. Federal bank robbery charges could land him back in prison.

Prison is a poor substitute for real community! Youth Gangs are a poor substitute for real community as are local clubs like Lions and Rotary. Now those service and community organizations are good, but there is nothing on earth like God’s community – the church! (Copied).

Everybody wants to belong to a group. The will of God is that folks be converted by the Gospel, baptized into a local body of Christ followers, and join in the study, ministry, mission, and fellowship small groups of the church.  Sunday School is one of the largest and oldest small group gatherings in church history.

Small group relationships are the backbone of the church.  If you are not connected to a small group at church, you are not following the Designer’s plan.  And, you are not enjoying the abundant life God promised to His children!