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Shine On!

It is true that some conversations are just hard to link.  One would think that if two people are talking (and only two!), that between them, the flow of words conveying information would be a very simple exchange.  But, you and I know that is not always the case.  Sometimes, the simplest transfer of a concept from one brain to another by means of verbal explanation can be so convoluted that even the person originating the conversation wonders how what was said could possibly wind up being so far from what was heard.

It is not just difficulty of understanding that is the problem.  Many times, those of us charged with teaching, preaching, or instructing are giving away data that is not what the listener is seeking to learn or hear at that moment.  The need that they are hoping to resolve is not where the person that is the “mentor” or speaker is engaged.  That is why it has sometimes been said that “preachers are great at answering questions on Sundays that no one is asking”.  Ouch!

In this fast paced, high energy, multi-faceted, morally compromised, technologically savvy world, the teacher in the class room and the preacher in the pulpit has to make certain that they are constantly in touch with the current events and the needs of those they are instructing.  In that way, one can take the eternally timeless truths of Scripture to apply them to the life issues of those learners and listeners under their teaching.  The light that we shed has to illuminate the path where they are walking.  Otherwise, the info shared leaves the hearers cold and “in the dark” because it is not relevant to the group that is being addressed.

There’s an old story of a man who was walking at night, and saw another man searching for something near a lamp post. Approaching, he asked the man what he was looking for, and the man, without looking up, replied, “My watch”. The first man asked, “Well, precisely where were you standing when you dropped it?” Continuing his search, the man pointed a finger in the distance and said, “Over there somewhere.” Incredulous, the first man said, “Well then sir, why are you looking for it here?” Finally looking up in frustration and meeting the first man’s gaze, the searcher replied testily, “Because sir, the light is better here!” (Copied).

Moral darkness is all around us. Most would say it is the result of inappropriate and immoral behavior.  While choices move the person to act wrongfully, there is a change in our culture that is causing poor moral choices made today.  Sadly, very few people in our culture read.  The lack of taking time to read has left many folks illiterate of Biblical principles and truths.  To know the teachings of the Bible, one has to read the Bible.  When we are content with brief tweets and Facebook videos as our level of communication, our comprehension rate of understanding is diminished.

Where we lost our way morally was “over there” some decades ago when we moved willfully away from the light of Biblical principles and into “this present darkness”.  Today, the spot light of media and government is shining on “every person deciding for themselves” what is right and wrong with no absolutes as the standard.  So, while the light of culture is brighter in this present time shining on that which is ungodly, immoral, and violent, that is the place where it is truly, morally dark.  And, it is in that very darkness where those of us that are “light bearers” of Jesus should be shining continually.  It is in the light of God’s Word and Will that we will find once again the timeless truths of the Designer! The song we sang as children should be our motto, “This little light of mine. I’m gonna’ let it shine!” May God help us to shine brightly!