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A man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. (Gen.2:24).  In the 21st century, sex has become the secular idol of the culture.  The more the world bows to fleshly desires without God’s boundaries being honored, marriage is weakened; the view of women changes from being seen as people to being marginalized as objects of desire; natural affections are left behind for that which is abominable; and the more sexual trysts a person has, the bond that should be strong in a couple’s relationship is diminished.

The cultural upheaval in the 1960’s propagated the belief that all should practice “free love”.  It was touted that having sexual relations outside marriage was considered liberating.  However, current studies show that it damages one’s ability to trust, affecting future relationship, one’s respect for self, affecting every decision and diminishing the value of right decisions, and one’s respect for health.

Drs. Freda Bush and Joe McIlhaney released a study at Harvard University that shows that exposure to immorality and participation in sexual acts during early years of adolescence actually changes the brain, interrupting the normal production and usage of dopamine, vasopressin and oxytocin in the brain for the remainder of the life.

These chemicals, when released properly, create the “monogamy syndrome” in that moment bonding the person to another. If this occurs outside of marriage, that moment of bonding never fully takes place even after marriage.  According to the study, “That bonding, which acts like adhesive tape or Velcro, is weakened when people tear away at its power by breaking off with a sexual partner and move on from one to another to another. So when the time finally comes to bond permanently with a spouse, the ability to bond is damaged.

The brain actually gets molded to not accept that deep emotional level that’s so important for marriage. When they do marry, they’re more likely to get a divorce than people who were virgins when they got married.

Others studies reported by various groups and printed in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine noted physical and emotional changes in unmarried people who have sex.  And, those same changes were present as well in married people who have sex outside marriage. The studies did not report on the significant spiritual changes in these people.

The Bible is relevant concerning the building blocks of a strong, supportive, fulfilling family life, although some have misrepresented what it is teaching through the years. One of those building blocks is entering into the most important human relationship of choice with the ability to commit fully, and much further than you have ever committed to another in your life. Purity before marriage is now seen as a crucial part of that. This is something many will miss out on because the deemed the Bible irrelevant.  (Copied).