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First responders are a very select and uniquely gifted group of people.  From the time they determine that emergency response will be their vocation, they know that they are going to be responding to gruesome and dangerous situations that would cause the average person to back away.  Yet, these courageous souls have a bold desire to be “that person” that arrives on the scene when others stand helpless to assist or run the other way from the aftermath of tragedy.

What then, would you think would be one of the great frustrations for a first responder?  The very people that they try to help!  Those that are critically injured are readily willing to get help or are injured so badly that they are unable to put up any resistance.  It is the individual that refuses to cooperate with those persons in authority that know the urgency or danger surrounding the “victim”, and yet, the one in harm’s way refuses to comply with the commands of the “rescuer”.

On August 30, 2005 Coast Guard Lieutenant Iain McConnell was ordered to fly his H46 helicopter to New Orleans and to keep that machine flying around the clock for what would turn out to be a heroic rescue effort. None of his crew were prepared for what they were about to see. They were ahead of every news crew in the nation. The entire city of New Orleans was under water. On their first three missions that day they saved 89 people, three dogs and two cats.

On the fourth mission, despite twelve different flights to New Orleans, he and his crew were able to save no one. None! They all refused to board the helicopter. Instead they told the Coast Guard to bring them food and water. Yet they were warned that this extremely dangerous. The waters were not going to go away soon. Sadly, many of those people perished because of their refusal to be rescued.   (Copied).

We are witnessing the tragedy of millions refusing to receive help.  The flood of sin is rising rapidly.  The heavy gales of immorality are buffeting homes in every community.  Massive tremors are shaking the foundations of family life, schools, and communities.  Destructive hail is pummeling the structures that men have built at “low cost” on the “sands” of time, but now the fury of the storm is breaking through to create havoc and severe damage.  Power systems of government programs that once created stability for mankind are failing.  Lines of communication between various sectors are destroyed and shouting across great divides only brings greater frustration and anger because understanding and unity is impaired and threatened.  The skies are threatening more heavy rain of difficulty and people are genuinely fearful of the coming storms.

Ironically, there have been countless attempts to rescue the perishing.  The God of Glory has attempted repeatedly to prepare people to “be more than conquerors”.  The “Rescuer” of all mankind has come to enable men to stand on the “Rock” of His salvation rather than shifting sand.  He offers help to all that are in danger.  But daily, the rescue centers (local churches) receive the tragic news that though many had the opportunity to be “saved” from destruction, they refused to leave their present circumstance and location.  It is urgent that those in danger respond quickly.  The search will close soon and all that did not respond to help will perish!