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Be Careful What You Eat

Habits are very hard to break and very easy to develop.  Who among us intends to have as many bad habits as possible when we start the journey of life? Nobody!  We don’t have to set goals to develop poor behavior patterns.  Rather, we have to fight diligently to keep from having ruts develop toward actions that we know are not the best, but are so easily performed.  For me, I learned early that I really loved red meat, fried food, and chocolate.  Now, the doctor says that is everything that I should not consume.  As a boy, I loved summertime with cutoff jeans, no shirt, and shoeless, but now at age 65, that attire might get me arrested for public indecency!  And, what red-blooded American does not love a great cheeseburger with French fries!  When I find a diet that prescribes that fare, I will be a life-time achiever!

Sadly, there is much truth to the proverb, “You are what you eat!”  That is not just true physically.  It is also true with spiritually and mentally.  Modern man is much more concerned with additives to his food supply and water than we are with what we allow into our minds.  Spiritually, we are one of the most illiterate generations ever in America.  It has just been discovered in a nationwide survey that 46% of America is unchurched.  We are feeding on junk and wonder why we see such “sick” behavior.  Junk food over time will kill you!

I heard a story about bears in Yellowstone Park that was amazing. In the 1950’s and 60’s, tourists could drive right up to a bear, roll down their window and feed their McDonald’s hamburger to the hungry animal. He would gladly take the burger along with the hand of the tourist! The bears were changing their feeding habits and endangering visitors.

As a result, the National Park Service removed the bears and took them to higher country where God had already provided for them a natural diet of luscious berries. However, because the bears had changed their feeding patterns, many of them refused to eat the berries and some actually died.

This story is an incredible picture of the lives of many believers in Christ. Sadly, many of us have been delivered out of spiritual Egypt and bondage to sin, but we have not been brought into the Promised Land of victory. It is interesting that God told the Israelites to eat the roasted lamb they had sacrificed (Exodus 12). The Passover lamb is a picture of the death of Christ. But feeding on the lamb is a picture of how we grow in Christ once we have been saved. 

What are you feeding on in your personal life? Are you spending time alone with Christ in the Word of God? Are you allowing the junk food of this world’s values to destroy your spiritual appetite for the Word of God? Feed on the Lamb of God and don’t allow the Enemy to feed you a lie.  (Copied).