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Coexist………or Christ

How can mankind have advanced so far in scientific discoveries, communication developments, technological wonders, and medical miracles and yet have so many people still be so “blank” spiritually?  One would think that there is no end to strange beliefs being birthed into new “spiritual movements”.  The existence of so many major religions that have been around for centuries and are so very diverse should make men more curious to seek to find spiritual truth that is genuine and reject that which is false.  Sorrowfully, people are more and more turning away from any spiritual quest and relying on “self-help” and “man-made” solutions to problems that are far too complex for men’s resolution.

Some people have the ultimate confession displayed of having no spiritual convictions whatsoever.  They post the little bumper sticker that uses the world’s religious symbols to make the word, “COEXIST”. When I see that, I realize the person is proclaiming to all that see their sticker….”I am spiritually illiterate.  I have no understanding that there is a “true and false” factor in spiritual things.  So, in trying to appear to be “above it all” and accepting, I am confessing to all that read this sign, “I have no knowledge whatsoever of anything pertaining to God or spiritual life.  I don’t know enough to have convictions.  Be patient with me.”

Why can’t we all just coexist? You believe what you believe, I believe what I believe. Whatever you believe is whatever you believe. 

I always laugh when I see a “Coexist” bumper sticker. You know, the ones where a symbol from each major religious system is used to create the word “coexist.” There are several different versions, but usually they try to include Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Wiccan, and Christianity. The message is that all these religions are a little bit different, but they all carry the same message, so let’s just get along. What is funny to me is that the “Coexist” bumper sticker is an oxymoron. See, with the exception of Christianity and Judaism, all the religious systems mentioned are diametrically opposed to each other. 

Is there one God or are there many gods, on maybe there is no god at all, just energy? Which one? They all can’t be correct or there is a self-contradiction involved, either one is correct or another is correct. Are we reincarnated and live many lives as bugs, animals and humans or do we have one life, one physical birth and one physical death? It is either one or the other? Are we saved by the grace of God or are we saved by our many good works, or is there no concept of salvation? Either there is salvation or there is not salvation. The “Coexist” bumper sticker is, an adhesive oxymoron. (Copied).

If you know someone that has a blank screen when it comes to understanding spiritual truth, please take the time to explain to them that just as there is counterfeit currency, there are false religions.  The choice is really not that clouded.  Only One person ever claimed to be God in flesh.  Only one declared that when He died on a cross, He would be raised from the dead….and He was!  Only One has the power to transform lives and make spiritually dead men live.  And, only ONE declared that He came to offer His life as a ransom, payment for man’s sins, and to offer men the opportunity to be spiritually free forever more!  His name is Jesus.  He shares His glory with no one and there is “no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved”!  Trust HIM! You may “exist” without Him, but you will never have life abundant, “free”, and eternal by serving any other! Don’t “coexist”….convert!