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As Is……

To have strong relationships in the body of Christ we must deal with our brokenness. 
How do we deal with brokenness?  Individually….we come to realize and confess that we are all broken people. 

In many stores you find merchandise in a certain section marked with a two-word phrase. This two-word phrase “as is” is a tip off about the merchandise being offered.  What the store is basically saying is these items are damaged goods. Another phrase they like to use is “slightly irregular” The store is issuing a warning – something went wrong in the manufacturing process. You are going to find a flaw, the size is wrong, the zipper does not work, buttons are missing, there is a stain that will not come out – there is a problem. The store is saying if you are looking for perfection, you are in the wrong section. If you buy it in this section, you are getting it “as is”…..flaws, stains, irregularities and all.

When it comes to the church, you have come to the “as is” section of the universe. Everyone one of us has a tag that simply says, “As is”. In other words, church folks are confessing up front, “There is a flaw here”. For some it is envy, jealousy, greed, temper, pride….we all have a tag that says “as is”. 

The problem in the church is we don’t like to admit we are “as is” people. We want to pretend everything in our lives is normal or fine or even perfect.  We will do anything to keep up the disguise of normal. We come to church and pretend that we have no issues or serious conflicts. Everything with us is simply divine!  But, inside we know it is not. And, we are so afraid others will find out we are not the perfect dad, mom, husband, wife, child, family, student or “whatever” role we may be that we put on the charade with great finesse every week to try to win an award for “best acting”. 

We are as sick as our secrets and the only way we can find true community, the only way we can have true biblical relationships is to come to grips with our brokenness.  Perhaps, every Sunday, every church should distribute a “white tag” to all attenders—to serve as an “as is” tag to be worn publicly.  It would serve as a great reminder.  It would be a reminder to us that each of us is a broken person.  You and I need someone to handle our brokenness and to care for us as a broken person.  In other words, “I NEED YOU” to care for me “as is”.  

That white tag of “as is” would also serve as a reminder to others – that you are a broken person – that you have a flaw.  You would be admitting, “I AM SORRY”.  I have a flaw, and if you have a relationship with me, I may disappoint you, I may fail you – and so I want to say “I AM SORRY” in advance.  You will need to be my friend knowing that you will be a friend to a broken person and I can only be your friend “as is”. Perhaps, we would come to understand that the key to being truly comforted and accepted is to admit you are a broken person.  Trying to hide that fact and “mask” that we are anything other than “sinners saved by grace” is a tragic pretense. (This entire article was copied).