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Who Is That Masked Man?

For those of you that are old enough for Social Security, you remember when we would make sure that we were in front of the television at the time that our “heroes” would be on…. Superman, Batman, and even the Lone Ranger.  Each of them made it clear that crime did not pay.  The bad guys were caught.  The good guys won. And, every problem was solved in thirty minutes even with breaks for commercials!

These great crime fighters had several things in common.  They were able to do extraordinary things to capture the lawbreakers.  And, who can forget that their friends did not know who they were because they wore a mask to prevent their true identity from being known.  We laugh when we consider that with “only a mask”, they were able to keep everyone that should have recognized them from the realization of who they were.   Only a “mask” hid their identity?

It is not as bizarre as we think.  The most terrible persons that are caught or “found out” doing some nefarious deed are never thought by their neighbors and casual acquaintances of being capable of doing something so vile.  The news reporters will go to the apartment building, neighborhood, or place of employment to ask those close to a terrorist, mass murderer, or vile offender about the person that was apprehended.  Each time we see the interviews following the criminal’s capture, the response is the same.  They will look shocked as they say, “I never would have thought he was capable of that kind of crime.  He was quiet, friendly, and mostly kept to himself.”  The “mask” hiding their true nature was effective enough to keep them from being found out until it was too late.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the widely read novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  “Stevenson’s character, Dr. Jekyll, found a trick by which he could change himself into the person of another man and make an actual transformation of himself. He could change, not only his internal thoughts and feelings, but also his external looks and actions. Whenever he wanted to turn himself into Mr. Hyde, he took a drug and the miracle was accomplished. He changed his handwriting. He had a separate bank account for Mr. Hyde–everything in life was separate. When Mr. Hyde, (who went down into sin and constantly wallowed in those depths of iniquity) wanted to get away from being Mr. Hyde, he took the drug and went back to being Dr. Jekyll. When the officers were after him, he had simply to go into the laboratory and swallow a pill, and when they arrived the man they were looking for was not there.

That process went on through the years, but this was the peculiar fact about it: Not only by his will could he change himself into another man, and so on back and forth, but he discovered at last, when it was too late that, every time he transformed himself from the good Dr. Jekyll into the evil Mr. Hyde, then Mr. Hyde became increasingly the stronger, until at last the climax was reached. It became harder and harder to make the transfer, and then, it could not be made at all. Dr. Jekyll was dead, and Mr. Hyde still lived, but he was damned to eternal darkness and death, helpless and hopeless.”  (Copied).

Who we really are will eventually be made known.  Scripture makes it clear, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”  And, “be sure your sins will find you out.”  No mask can ever fully conceal a wicked heart and mind.  The true character of every person cannot be hidden long.  That is not a threat to those that live “as children of Light.”