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You Swallowed What?

When little children are in a household, their proclivity to do the unexpected is the norm.  The scariest sound in a home with preschoolers is when a three year old is very quiet!  Many a mom when realizing that the house is totally peaceful and serene suddenly runs to the place that she last saw her little one to find out why there is no banging, pounding, chattering, or singing really loud.  Every mother knows that the daily lifestyle of a normal three year old is anything but quiet.

Frequently, upon discovering the little angel, the child has redecorated their face with a mother’s lipstick. Or, they have done marvelous new masterpiece on a wall with crayons.  Or, they may have decided that the dog could use a haircut, so they proceeded with a very mild-mannered dog to give that animal the “clipping of a lifetime” with scissors they found!

The most frightening moment is when a child has ingested something that is potentially harmful and mom finds the lid of a substance “off” with a child holding the container and making strange faces.  The horrified mother races for the child, grabs the container, speed dials the doctor, and is in the car headed for the emergency room before she is told that the child will not die from the swig of “whatever it was”, but they will not feel real good as a result for a few hours.

Pica is the craving to eat what is not edible. It is diagnosed when a person craves to eat things that are not considered food.  They crave things such as wood toothpicks, dirt, chalk, coal or foam rubber. One woman with this illness, who was a nonsmoker, would burn cigarettes to get the ashes so she could eat them. And when her husband smoked, she would follow him around with a cupped hand to catch the ashes as they fell. How would you like to sit down to a nice bowl of ashes? Well you might if you had Pica’s Disease.  Tragically, we’re all born with spiritual Pica’s Disease.

In Isaiah 44, the LORD has spoken to Isaiah about the nation of Israel and their idolatry. The passage actually applies to every human being ever born because we are guilty of pursuing idols from our earliest years.  The verses in this text applies to all who turn away from God, and turn to their idols, to their habits and sins. It applies to us as it speaks about idolaters in Isaiah 44:20:  He feeds on ashes, a deluded heart misleads him; he cannot save himself, or say, “Is not this thing in my right hand a lie?” 

You know why we don’t want the feast of eternal life? Because we’re born with spiritual taste buds that prefer ashes instead of Christ. I know it’s insane to feed on ashes, but that’s exactly what we do when we trade Christ, the bread of life, for whatever else that we find to fill our bellies “spiritually” and that we choose to eat. The very fact that we do not desire Christ evidences severe spiritual sickness.  I mean what person who is healthy doesn’t want to eat good, nutritious food?

This was the very condition of some of the disciples of Jesus described in John 6. They had spiritual Pica’s disease.  The Bible states in verse 66, “From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him” (John 6:66). This is John 6:66! It’s a sad verse. It describes people who have been presented with the way to live forever. All can have life by feeding on the benefits of Jesus’ death. They’re presented with a feast of grace, but they push away from the table and turn back to their ashes of other things that can only lead to death. (Copied).  Who do you know that is still infected with spiritual “Pica”?