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It Only Takes a Spark

Do you still find that you marvel over the many small details that work consistently in the day-to-day journey through life? I do!  There is so very much that has to work perfectly together for life to continue on planet earth.   Some of the operation that enables us to live is not visible to the human eye but is vitally important.

We cannot see the work that our blood cells do.  Only a brilliant Creator could make a cell that would take the nourishment needed by living cells in every part of the body and pick up the waste from the life-giving cells to deliver to where it can be excreted from the body.  Only God can make light to enter the eye, be converted to data that bolts from the eye to the brain to enable one to see, define an object, judge the distance, and determine if it is necessary to change course to avoid collision….and do all of that in a millisecond.  Only God can create green plants to take the poison of carbon dioxide that I exhale, and make the essential element of oxygen that I need for life.  Who can see the transaction of oxygen entering the body, being taken from the lungs to give live to all of our body?

That is only three examples of tiny, microscopic events that occur thousands of times flawlessly every day that we never even consider.  Yet without them, we would die.  And, each of those along with thousands of other cellular activities occur consistently, moment by moment so that we live for many decades.

The point is that we sometimes believe that if something is not done on a grand scale with many eye-witnesses it must be pretty insignificant.  However, in living organisms, that which we do not see in the tiniest of transactions, reproductions, and protective actions is the very secret to our life existence.

In the spiritual realm, it is also the little things along the journey that can make the difference for good or for destruction.  The kind deed, the little word of encouragement, the moment’s delay to hear the burden on a friend’s heart, or the simple prayer to intercede for a need expressed from a co-worker….those are very small things, but the impact that results can be eternally significant.

The great fire of Chicago began at 8:30pm, Oct. 8, 1871 by a small blaze in the barn of Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. It left over 80,000 people homeless, 17,500 buildings were destroyed and 300 people killed. What damage from such a small start. And you can carelessly speak a word that’s like a spark- and you have no idea of the ultimate damage that can be caused by your words. That’s why James writes in verse.6- “The tongue is like a spark. It is an evil power that dirties the rest of the body and sets a person’s entire life on fire with flames that come from hell itself.”  (Copied).

It is the many “little things” done in the course of a day that may have appeared so insignificant, but in reality, those details are what make life good for all of those that we love and serve.  Every homemaker knows the chaos that would result if she stopped for a week and did not wash clothes, clean house, prepare meals, wash dishes, wash sheets, transport children to school and activities, care for sniffles, get children to the dentist, and on and on.  None of those make the news, but they surely do make life “livable”.   Zech. 4:10 For who hath despised – In the work of God, the day of small things is not to be despised. God often chooses weak instruments, to bring about mighty things: and tho’ the beginnings be small, he can make the latter end greatly to increase.   (taken from Wesley’s Notes on the Bible).