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Exercises That Do Not Benefit

It is not my imagination.  I am not seeing things nor am I in a state of hallucination.  There is an explosive proliferation of new health clubs, gyms, exercise programs, diet plans, diet aids, diet supplements, diet food and drinks, diet pills, diet companies with a multiplying number of sales personnel, high dollar exercise “outfits”, and tennis shoes that cost more than a big screen TV!

One thing is for sure….our grandparents did not worry about health clubs as much as we do. They lived in the era of agricultural and rural life on the farm, worked in industrial America… no AC, no microwaves, readily available pre-packaged snack foods, or “Biggy-sized” fast food outlets.  Life consisted of lots of physical labor and “sweating” which did not necessitate working out to remain fit.  They walked lots of places that they traveled.  The actually climbed stairs to get to upper stories of a building. They lifted heavy objects, dug holes with shovels, cut wood with axes, and mowed yards (if their yard had grass) with non-gasoline powered lawn mowers.

That is not our generation.  We live in climate controlled dwellings with food readily available and ingested.  Our lives are made “comfortable” with marvelous cars that have more gadgets and niceties than most of us know how to activate.  Our entertainment is passively watching a sporting event, television, movie, or the omnipresent cell phone.   Exercise is done by a small percentage that seek to be truly healthy and fit.  That is not the majority.

But, there are lots of folks getting exercise that never “suit up” or join a gym or watch what they eat daily.  Their exercise regimen is so well practiced that it is second nature.  No one would recommend this as health plan, but its popularity is wide spread.  Check this out to see if you know anyone (hopefully not yourself) that is mastering these drills.

If the standard exercises aren’t your cup of tea, try some of these and burn up a few calories.

Beating around the bush – 75 calories.

Jumping to conclusions – 200 calories.

Climbing the wall – 150 calories.

Passing the buck – 50 calories.

Throwing your weight around – 50 to 500 calories…depending on your weight.

Dragging your heels – 175 calories.

Making mountains out of molehills – 500 calories.

Adding fuel to the fire – 150 calories.

Tooting your own horn – 25 calories.

Looking over the fence at the greener grass – 1 calorie.

(Adapted from Caballero Club Insider, quoted in Prokope, Vol. No. 3, July-September, 1997).   For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.  (1 Timothy 4:8).