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The Worst Plague of All

Medical care, health and wellness centers, and the costs of health insurance are constantly before us.  The news media has stories daily.  Our employers steadfastly review the costs to make sure that the benefits’ costs provided for employees can be covered.  Every possible media outlet has ads about jogging, lifting weights, swimming, golfing, and a host of other means to get us off of our “good intentions” and on our feet in exercise.   If we have good health, we should guard it and do all that we can to preserve it.

The push for wellness is a much more positive approach than showing the reality of so many diseases that infect the human race in the 21st century.  We don’t like the images of illness.  However, some hospitals like Saint Jude that provides care for children that are diagnosed with very serious maladies show the faces of those boys and girls along with their parents.  The looks on their faces tells the story without words.  How very sad it is to consider that at this very moment, many parents are cradling a child that has a life-threatening disease and the prognosis is grim.

Chuck Swindoll tells the story of his time in the Marines in 1958. He was serving with the Marine Corps band in Okinawa when their tour took them to a leper colony on the island. Swindoll said he was totally unprepared for what he encountered at the leper colony. He saw stumps instead of hands, clumps instead of fingers. He saw half faces, and he saw one ear instead of two. So heinous were those who lived on the colony that they were unable to applaud the band’s performances. He said he could literally see the anguished cries of the men, women and teenagers who made that place their home. He said, “We could play music for them, but we could not cleanse them of their disease.” The Bible compares sin to leprosy. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses that ugly stain, and we, being cleansed, are able to live new lives.  (Copied).

Even with all of the pain from disease in the world, there is one that we are not serious seeking the cure.  It is more lethal than AIDS.  The effects are more deadly than cancer.  The harm that it causes is 100% fatal.  And, the spread of it is pandemic.  Its reach is global and this horrible killer is found in every people group.  It is an equally opportunity destroyer of the young and old.

That disease is sin.  In our modern society, even saying that word causes people to think a person is archaic.  Since so many people have no background of being taught the things of God, they use the word “sin” in casual conversation…like, “this dessert sinful”.  If calorie content was the worst that afflicted us, we could quickly be cured.  However, the tragedy is that sin creates heartache, strife, anger, violence, assault, robbery, child abuse, rape, murder, blasphemy, promiscuity, homosexuality, disrespect for authority, contempt for law, and a determination to live without restraint.

Although this plague is so very prevalent and the cure has been around for over 2000 years, there is no a concerted effort on the part of the vast majority to treat it. So, rather than keeping the ten great laws of God, we pass more laws thinking that will deter sin.  Laws cannot cure.  Only a transformation from within can possibly remedy the horrible consequences of such destruction.  The LORD has diagnosed our problem…Isaiah 30:15 “This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.”