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I Am Free to Do What I Want!

This “me” generation is stretching the boundaries of what it means to be free.  Because of the disregard for what should be basic personal responsibility and discipline, behavior has become more and more decadent.  The lines of decency are blurred.  Respect for other people and for property has disappeared in many of our inner cities.  Acts of kindness, “manners”, or yielding in deference to others is becoming a lost virtue.

We are living with a focus on what the individual wants.  There is strong resistance to anything that limits personal expression of one’s desires.  Even if that desire is assault, rape, battery, or abuse, the victim often feels “victimized” when reporting or testifying in court because of a legal system that grants so many rights to the criminal.  The defense frequently seeks to put the blame on the victim to seek to establish blame on the one wronged.  It is made to appear that they deserved the harsh and violent acts done to them.

The nature of man is to focus primarily on ourselves.  The repulsion of far too many people in this generation to spiritual training is not just a lack of belief in God. It is the total rejection of any desire to hear about loving, serving, or giving to help others. How tragic that man’s fulfillment of selfish desires is so much a part of the mores of this culture that even killing a police officer is an option for one about to be caught for wrong doing.  Only God can govern a man’s heart from within.  Laws seek to control from the outside of man’s will.  We see the failure in trying to force men to do right by passing more and more laws……

It’s amazing how quickly a classroom can turn into a disaster area when a teacher walks out for a moment. Paper, caps, pens, shoes, or other objects get thrown all around the room. Furniture is mysteriously re-arranged so that all students are now sitting in the back corners of the room. 

Recently I read about two illustrations of such mayhem when a teacher returned to the PE change rooms to find a student with learning disabilities emerge and run around the playground completely naked.  Another occasion during a particularly troublesome year, an eight year old boy lit a cigarette, started smoking it, and then proceeded to light some of the carpet on fire. When there’s no authority in the room there’s always a possibility that pandemonium will ensue and the established order will quickly give way to complete chaos.  The students, in that moment, see that no one is present to preserve order.  There’s no one in charge so everyone does as they see fit, even if that means setting fire to the room.

Perhaps, you’ll remember that phrase that is repeated about three times toward the end of judges.  I appears first in Judges 17:6 – “In those days Israel had no king everyone did as he saw fit.” As a political statement it’s quite accurate – Israel had a series of leaders and prophets beginning with Moses and passing down through to the Judges. But that’s not really what this statement is all about. Israel didn’t have a king when Moses was leading them, but we don’t hear that refrain repeated throughout Leviticus or Deuteronomy. In the days of the Judges, Israel did not have a leader because they did not honor God nor did they honor God’s laws in their daily personal lives. The end result was chaos or total anarchy.  (Copied).