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Amazing Births in History

Each year, every pastor does a great amount of research and study to find new aspects on the marvelous birth of our LORD JESUS.  The story of Messiah’s birth is truly wonderful!  Since it is about the historical reality of God becoming flesh, the journey is spiritually edifying as well as mentally stimulating.   As you might expect, pastor’s wind up with lots more information that was gleaned though their study than they have the time to use in their messages so, some of those things go in files for later use.

One of the things that I found this year was extremely fascinating to me.  One day, I Googled “bizarre births in history”.  One article appeared with the header, 10 Stories of Bizarre Births.

In that article, I read about some truly amazing births.  Here are a few of those…..

In 2008 and at the age of 70, Rajo Devi from India became the oldest woman to give birth. She and her husband had unsuccessfully tried to conceive throughout their 50 years of marriage and thought it was impossible after she went through menopause in her late 50s. However, after entering a fertility program at an in-vitro clinic, Devi was successfully impregnated by a donor egg that was fertilized with the sperm of her 72 year old husband. On December 6th, she gave birth to a baby girl and both mother and daughter are healthy. Latest reports claim that the happy septuagenarians are attempting IVF again in hopes of having a baby boy.

Lina Medina of Peru holds the record as the world’s youngest mother when she gave birth to her son on May 14, 1939. Lina was only five years old at the time. Her son, Gerardo, spent his childhood believing his grandmother was his mother and his true mother was his older sister. He died at the age of 40 from bone marrow disease but there was no indication that his unusual birth had anything to do with his problem.

The title for tiniest single baby goes to Amillia Sonja Taylor of Florida, USA.  She was born at 21 weeks and 6 days but weighed only 10 ounces (283 g). Remarkably, the hospitals where both of them were born decided to bring the babies to intensive care and they are now both healthy and doing fine.

The record for birthing the world’s heaviest (surviving) newborn belongs to Sig. Carmelina Fedele of Aversa, Italy. In September 1955, she gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 22 lb 8 oz (10.2 kg) but not much else is known about the boy.

(Taken from

Truly, the most miraculous birth ever recorded was the amazing birth of Jesus.  In that event that is celebrated annually by Christ followers, we pause to ponder and to be reminded that the infinite God became flesh.  No matter how many times we hear the accounts of the Prophets and of the Gospel writers, we are still in awe that the Mighty Creator invaded His world as a baby formed in the womb of Mary.  What a truly amazing birth that was and like no other….ever!