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Sorry, I Just Never Really Knew You

Most people seek to find meaningful relationships.  Sadly, not everyone that has a real need for companionship has that person in their lives that is the source of joy, compassion, and fellowship.  In the absence of one that is a close friend, mankind will find substitutes that are not as meaningful or fulfilling.  The quest to be “known and loved” will drive people to do things that they never really thought they would ever do.

In a generation that is pursuing “that special” someone in life that is a mate, close associate, or best friend, not everyone is successful. When the isolation of life begins to take its toll, people will resort to less positive and productive means to fill that “hole in their lives” created by loneliness and the lack of positive affection.  Many find that they spend hours with television, movies, or places of entertainment to escape from their loneliness.  Still others become constant browsers on the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, or some other social media outlet.  Still others that are frustrated at the lack of any positive relationship will become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or pornography to find temporary relief.

How very sad that there are people that live and die without making any impact in any area of another person’s life.  A handful of times in the many years that I have pastored, I have been called to read a Scripture and have a prayer at a grave of a deceased person that requested to have a minister read a verse and pray over them. No other person was there other than a cemetery rep.  No one cared that “whoever” that person was had died.  Did you know we have a President that had such a bland Presidency that he, too, is virtually unknown?

Many have labeled Millard Fillmore the most obscure president in American history. Fillmore, our 13th president, succeeded to the presidency after the sudden death of Zachary Taylor. He was not nominated for a second term. There is a small cabin marking his birth in a state park, but the cabin is a reproduction and not on the site of his birth. There is a home he inhabited for four years, but it is not on the site of his property.

When people meet for formal events at his grave, it often is to mock his obscurity. His grave is located in his family section of the Albany cemetery. The area is marked by a small obelisk, and there is some mention of him and his family members on the outer perimeter; but what is on the president’s grave itself? No listing of his accomplishments, no date of birth or death. His grave does not even bear his name. His grave simply carries the initials of M.F.  Here was a man who founded a major university; served as a state legislator and U.S. congressman, vice president and president. How quickly we forget!  (Copied).

If you are a person that feels invisible, please determine that in 2017 you are going to find a way to connect with other people so that you can begin to build a network with whom you can share the journey of life. Rather than wanting someone to listen to your pains, disappointments, or regrets, determine you will find one person a day to encourage.  Find Christian music that is “your style of music” and has Christian teaching in the lyrics so that your heart is made glad. And, if you are troubled deeply by something that you just cannot seem to put behind you, make an appointment with a Christian counselor so that you can share your burden and find Biblical and Spiritual help.  God made you to be a social being.  Make 2017 your year to explore and develop that marvelous gift….find someone and make their days brighter!  And, you will find the sun shining in your life, also!!!