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I Wanna Go Home

Some words are soothing to say because of the feelings we have when we hear the word.  For most of us, words like mountain stream, beach, vacation, warm fires, laughter with friends, children, and family…all bring to mind great thoughts of good times.  And, when we live life the way God intended, “home” is one word that blesses the heart as we think of a place of respite, rest, and retreat.

God’s intention was that every baby would be born into a loving home.  Mom and Dad would be present from the moment of birth throughout the years of childhood.  Because there is “some assembly required” to develop values, manners, respect, honor, responsibility, cooperation, and lots of other life skills, child birth and rearing was to be done “under God”.  Dads are to love wives as Christ loved His church.  Moms are to love and honor a husband as the church loves her Lord Jesus.  Both are to love children so that the children will “honor father and mother”.

Much of the anger and violence that is the face of America today is from the collapse of the nuclear family over the last several decades.  The children of broken homes became adults.  They lived with multiple mates and their children knew little about stability, commitment, or learning “how to do” life.  Today, drugs have taken many adults hostage, impaired their ability to function, and thus their children are left like orphans in a home with non-responsive adults.

The results are obvious.  Too many youth realize they have not been prepared to face the rigors of modern life in business and they are afraid.  Their frustrations and fears are quickly realized when they cannot function on the job.  What they needed was what God intended them to have in a Biblical model of home life.  As a result of growing up without the love, guidance, coaching, and correction of Godly parents, a generation is faltering.

A survey taken almost ten years ago reveals some very interesting findings.  An AP and MTV study indicates young people view human relationships, especially family ties, as the greatest cause of happiness in life. 73% said their relationship with their parents makes them happy. 64% of 13-to 17-year olds whose parents are still together wake up happy in the morning, 20% higher than kids of divorced parents. After family, it’s spending time with friends followed by spending time with a significant other.

92% definitely or possibly want to get married, and most want to have children. However, being sexually active generally causes unhappiness in 13-to 17-year olds. Even for 18 to 24s, sex may lead to temporary happiness but generally causes unhappiness. 55% say religion is either “a very important part of life” or the “single most important thing” in life. People who have a religion or some kind of spirituality tend to be happier. When asked who their hero is, 10% named God, 5% a teacher, but nearly 50% said mom and/or dad. ( 8/21/07)