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How Firm a Foundation

The one constant in this world is change. Nothing stays the same for very long.  Demands for newer, better, more efficient, more durable, lighter weight, smaller, easier to use….all of these demands of the consumer pushes product manufacturers to be planning newer models even as they hope to sell large quantities of items that are only meeting yesterday’s desires.  The new improvements will not come out for a year or two.  Change has made life much easier and more efficient.

Change is inevitable.  Adapting to change is a process. What is easy for a teen or young adult to accept is not so easy to implement with those that have more years behind us that ahead of us.  How humbling when a grandchild is more adept on an electronic device than grandpa!  The use of “tons of abbreviated terms or simple letters” in the generation of “tweets” and “Instagram” can drive the generation mad that was chastised for incomplete sentences.

So, how can we make it in a world “that is constantly changing…how can I be sure?” (To quote a Sixties song lyric). There are ways that we can accomplish great things all the way through to our very last days on the earth.  With strong foundations in the One that is changeless and ever seeking to be a student to learn each day all that we can, we can weather the most seismic changes in life.  We don’t compromise Biblical truth. We don’t waver when it comes to faith.  We don’t fade from doing those things that keep us close to our LORD.

Once the tether of the Holy Spirit’s seal on us is secure to fix us steadfastly to Jesus, then we have greater mobility to add new methods, advances, and innovations while never yielding on bit of our bold and eternal Truth foundation that only Jesus can give.  He is eternally the same and those that anchor in Him can rest assured that He will hold them fast.

No matter how strong the “quake” may be that shakes our friends, job, family, or even the nation, the One that NEVER changes is our strong fortress.  “He is the same…yesterday, today, and forever.”  His love never fails.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  And, His power has no limits.  Culture changes.  Businesses change. Schools change. Churches change.  But the “Word of the LORD abides forever!”

Years ago, Frank Lloyd Wright was given the impossible task of building the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. No comparable construction job ever before had been undertaken. With patience he laid plans for the immense building in this land of earthquakes and terrible tremors. After carefully reviewing the situation, he found that eight feet below the surface of the ground lay a sixty-foot bed of soft mud. Why not float the great structure on this and in some way make it absorb the shock of the earthquake?

After four years of work, amid ridicule and jeers of skeptical onlookers, this most difficult building in the world was completed, and soon arrived the day which tested it completely. The worst earthquake in fifty-two years caused houses and buildings all around to tumble and fall in ruins. But the Imperial Hotel stood, because it was able to adjust itself to the tremors of the earth.  (Copied).   “He who builds ‘on the rock’….his house shall stand in the storm.”