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Whoever Denies Me Before Men

No one has any respect for a traitor.  The very word “traitor” makes us think of the worst of men that would despise their allegiance of their homeland, alliance, fraternity, or faith to aid the opposition.   Perhaps you remember some of these “notables”….

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were a married, American couple convicted of committing espionage during the height of the Cold War. They sold information regarding the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union and recruited spies for the Russians.

Aldrich Ames was a former CIA counter-intelligence officer and analyst before being convicted of espionage in 1994.  Ames had worked for 31 years as a Central Intelligence Agency counter-intelligence officer and had untold access to military data, CIA assets and the names of US agents.  Ames exploited his position and sold this information to the Russian government, jeopardizing national security to support his and his wife’s luxurious lifestyle.

Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger was part of one of history’s blackest betrayals.  He was the nephew of the dictator Julius Caesar, but despised tyrannies. Julius Caesar showed Brutus kindness and mercy.  There is speculation that Brutus was actually Caesar’s son. Whether or not this is true, the two definitely had a close relationship.  After the Roman Civil War, Brutus is persuaded by Cassius to join in one of the most famous assassinations in all of history. Brutus joined with the Roman senators, who savagely killed Caesar during the height of the revolution.

(These names and info is from 

Come with me in your imagination to the battlefield of Saratoga in New York where in 1777 two battles of the Revolutionary War took place. You will notice on that battlefield an obelisk or pillar standing as a monument to what happened there. At the base are four deep niches for the bronze figures of the generals who fought there so heroically. The first contains the figure of Horatio Gates while the second contains that of Philip Schuyler. In the third niche we see the figure of Daniel Morgan, but when we come to the fourth we see something unusual.

The fourth niche is empty. This one was for a general whose performance during battle merited honor. However, he later committed an act of treason and his name became associated with being a traitor rather than a hero. Yet at the base of that empty niche, we can see the name of this general engraved in the stone. His name is Benedict Arnold, and that niche will stand forever as a monument of one who went from heroism to treason.

In heaven a great monument is there also consisting of twelve foundations on each of which is the name of an apostle. However, on that celestial monument there is a name that is missing from the original twelve disciples….the name of Judas Iscariot. Oh, the tragedy of abandoning noble purposes!  (Taken from Howard Flynn, Long Beach California).