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All of us dream.  Our dreams are as diverse as we are.  Dreams can be about exotic places or familiar places where we feel safe and comfortable.  A dream can have very familiar faces or be about people we do not know at all.   Dreams can be funny, weird, frightening, or comforting.  Those that bring us great joy or great concern, we share with others.

Some folks dream with their eyes wide open.  They are people of imagination, creativity, and they can see things that the rest of us don’t.  These highly gifted people make a name for themselves that is instantly recognizable.  Some of those “dreamers” would be folks like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet or men from the past like Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, or Ben Franklin.

All of those that made their mark on history are interesting for us to study.  Each had various set-backs, family or financial struggles, and had to overcome hardships many times.  Yet, as they followed their dream, the vision became reality and they were recognized as highly successful in their respective fields.

Visions like these men developed become a compulsion.  At first, the man drives the dream to make sure it is exactly what he intended.  Over time, the dream drives the man because the success that is realized requires greater and greater input to expand the foundation to sustain continual growth and development.  The man begins to be “one” with his dream.

In so many ways, that is true of the person committed to be a faithful Christ follower.  The more one walks with Jesus in faithful obedience, study of His Word, prayer, witnessing, and serving others, the more that person begins to act like, look like, and behave like Christ.  The more one is “in Christ Jesus”, the more Christ Jesus fills that person!

You share Christ by imitating Christ. A story has been told many times….by Fredrick Buechner I believe, called “The Happy Hypocrite.” It is a story about a man who was born with an awful facial deformity. He grew up alone and lonely. When reaching adulthood, he decided to move from his town to begin a new life. On his way he discovered a beautiful mask that fit his making him look handsome. At first the mask was uncomfortable and he was afraid that people would find out who he really was, but he continued to wear the mask every day.

In his new hometown, he made many friends and fell in love. But one day a wicked woman from his old home came to his town and discovered this man’s true identity. In front of his friends and fiancé, she forced him to remove his mask. When he removed the mask, it revealed a handsome face. His face had conformed to the mask.

Becoming like Christ is analogous to this. Go ahead and put on Christ. At first it may feel unnatural or uncomfortable, and maybe you may think, “who am I trying to fool?” But everyday just keep putting on Christ and every day you will grow to look more like him.  (Copied).