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Ex Nihilo

Seminary is the place that young ministers hope to attend when they surrender to Christian service for a lifetime.  They are not sure all that will await them there, but they know that it is a place to study Christianity, church history, and hopefully learn more about being a Christian leader in their lifetime.  Seminary teaches every aspiring young minister so much about how to study, where to find information, and the importance of networking with other Christians.

One of the classes that seminary students take is Systematic Theology.  It is just what it sounds like…the orderly “systematic” study of all that is related to God (“theos” is God in Greek; “logos” is “study of”).  One of the attributes of God in the study of Creation is that God created all that is from nothing.  The Latin word for “from nothing” is “ex nihilo”.  Why do we teach and believe that God created all there is from nothing?  Because before the world was, there was nothing but God.  If God created all that is from matter that was already “here”, then someone created the matter that God used to create what we know and experience.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” is followed by “the earth was without form and void”.  God created the mass that would be suitable to house the creation that was to follow over the next six days of creation.

In the course of life, God can use various people and things to work His will in our lives.  So much happens in a day’s time, we don’t realize that what is common to us would have been “wonders to behold” just 50-100 years ago.  Sometimes, God uses people to work in the lives of other people.  And, like creation, sometimes God works independent of people and created things.  He just works directly to do mighty and marvelous things for His people. When He does, He demonstrates that He needs no help, no created thing to accomplish His perfect will.  Simply, the almighty power of our omnipotent God wills and acts for His good purpose to be accomplished.  That is when all of His Children praise His name loudly and joyfully!

In looking to God for deliverance of any kind we are prone to try to discover what material he has on hand to work on in coming to our relief. It is so human to look for something in sight that will help the Lord out. Just think a moment, it is not at all necessary for God to have any relief on hand. He does not need anything to begin.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. What did He make them out of? Nothing, absolutely nothing. When the earth was made what did He hang it on? Nothing. Pretty satisfactory earth to be made of nothing, eh? Remember not a scrap of anything was used to make it. “He . . . hangs the earth upon nothing.” It hangs all right, doesn’t it? Very well, then. A God who can make an earth, a sun, a moon, and stars out of nothing, and keep them hanging on nothing, can supply all your needs whether He has anything to work with or not. Wonderful, isn’t it? Trust Him and He will see you through, though He has to make your supplies out of nothing.