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Do Unto Others

Pain is pandemic. The evening news is a continuous litany of the latest natural disaster, tragic accident, terrorist attack, shooting, bombing, missile attack, or horrific abuse. One person can inflict great suffering.  When that happens, all of us wonder what could possess a person to do such levels of hate-filled acts.

In the midst of those kinds of deeds, we eagerly look and listen wanting to know who was present to help the suffering.  We expect for the first responders to be on the scene quickly.  But we are looking to see what those in the immediate area do to help the wounded, injured, or displaced.

What a relief to see the unaffected neighbors and communities show up in great number to go to work seeking to help any way that they can.  The multiple levels of assistance brings joy to those of us who do not live in the area of the tragedy knowing that there are caring people on the scene.  Money begins to pour into a community from tender-hearted people around the nation to assist those that are devastated by an unexpected destructive moment in time.

The response in times of great need is magnanimous because the needs are monumental. But, none of that level of support would happen if there were not hearts of compassion.  Those that show up to help multitudes are the ones that are present to help “one” in their circle of friends and family.  It is the caring heart that is burdened for a neighbor that will also care for a neighborhood that is in another city far from them.  This illustration is a good example…. I stepped outside my hotel room yesterday and saw a thin elderly woman taking small steps in a circle. She seemed to be mumbling. Our eyes connected. She said, “They left me here and I don’t know where they have gone. I don’t know what room I am in.”

I held out my hand. She grabbed mine. I said, “Let’s walk down to the office and see what we can find out.” As we walked into the office, an elderly man was walking out. He began to gently scold her, “I told you to stay in the van. You were supposed to be in the van. What are you doing out here?” He thanked me and then explained that she had Alzheimer’s.

Was she my responsibility? Was it my moral obligation to stop and help her? She wasn’t my mother. Would I have been sinning to just get in my car and drive off? 

I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that, would you? Our Heavenly Father desires that His children are reasonable and kind and simply do unto others as we would have done unto us. You can’t make enough rules to work for every situation. That’s why Jesus gave us the Golden Rule to cover every encounter of life.  (Copied).

Our responsibilities today will take us to many places.  Everywhere we go, there are likely going to be people that we greet.  Make it your aim today to see those that God places in your path as people that He would like for you to encourage, bless, and perhaps, assist.  Pray that our LORD will help us to not be in such a hurry that we miss a divine appointment to bless that stranger that we meet.  Who knows what a kind word or gesture would mean in the life of that person!  They may be under a tremendous load and feeling that nobody cares.  God may have appointed you and me to be that caring person to someone today to show the love and compassion of Jesus!