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I Show You a Mystery

Job 11:7 -“Can you discover the depths of God? Can you discover the limits of the Almighty?

The complexity of the universe should be irrefutable evidence of a Creator.  However, man’s quest to rid himself of God from the scope of secular knowledge has turned man from wisdom to foolishness. There are far too many systems and intricacies of any part of God’s creation not to see the splendor and wonder of the work of His hands.  Mankind will pursue one field of study and work in that field for a lifetime and still not know everything there is to know just in his one area of expertise.  Multiply that by every profession and every person pursuing proficiency in one profession for 40-50 years and yet there are multiple areas of this world and of humankind that we cannot yet explain or understand.  Our God is a God of grandeur, magnificence, and mystery.

Consider just one creature that God created but it’s life’s pattern is beyond our understanding.

The ability to find home evokes legends of Rover or Fido who, when owners have moved from one coast to the other, have made a 3,000-mile trek to find their owners in a location to which they’ve never been before. At least the dogs make it back home. 

But not the monarch butterfly. These insects somehow know how to migrate thousands of miles every autumn, from the Eastern United States to a handful of sites in Mexico. There, they rest over the winter for the return trip home. But here’s the amazing part: No individual butterfly ever goes to Mexico and back, yet thousands converge on the same few sites year after year. These insects know where to go. But none of them has ever been there before. Let’s explain.

“Monarchs are not guided by memory, since no single butterfly ever makes the round trip. Three or four generations separate those that spend one winter in Mexico from those that go there the next.” A monarch butterfly born in August in New York state, for instance, will fly all the way to Mexico, spend the winter there, and leave in March. Then it will fly north, laying eggs on milkweed along the Gulf Coast in Texas and Florida before dying. 

The butterflies born of those eggs will continue northward, breeding and laying more eggs along the way. By August another monarch, four generations or so removed from the monarch that left New York for Mexico the previous summer, will emerge from its chrysalis and do the same thing. It will head south, aiming for a place it’s never been, an acre or two of forest on the steep slopes of a particular mountain range.  (Copied).

There is a much greater mystery than the flight of the butterfly.  The mystery of how God could love us enough to let the sacrifice of Jesus pay the penalty of our sin to grant us a place in His Kingdom as His children is a profound mystery.  The God of Creation is the God of Redemption!  And, His great power to create gave us life temporal.  His love and power to regenerate gave us power to become the children of God.  Now that is a great mystery!  Colossians 4:3Praying at the same time for us as well, that God will open up to us a door for the word, so that we may speak forth the mystery of Christ.