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What Can Wash Away My Sin?

Who truly understands life choices people are making in this 21st century?  The attempt to allow every person to attain what they want is a dismal failure. Morally, the culture in which we live is fully convoluted.

Youth that have more than enough to eat at home are eating Tide Pods for “who knows why”.  Anyone that abuses a child is arrested (and rightfully so) while an infant can be legally dismembered in a mother’s womb and it is acceptable.  Insurance companies spend millions to provide life sustaining treatment for a pre-mature baby born while funding the injection of saline solutions to kill a baby that would have been viable.  We ridicule a public official that is a philanderer while paying millions to watch movies filled with adulterous acts. We continue to see the emasculation of American boys while rejoicing that women are sent into combat roles.

In the chaos that is our culture, we have long ago jettisoned God.  The laws of God are not known by a new generation and the few moral teachings they do know, they delight in boasting that those antiquated mores mean nothing to those eager to live lawlessly.

Rarely do people admit to feeling guilt. That is, until they are caught and arrested for a significant violation of the law.  As they cover their head in shame and seek to find a way to plea bargain by squealing on a partner in crime, they have remorse that they were caught but rarely does that lead to repentance over wrong doing.

That is also true in church going people.  Altars are empty in the churches.  No longer are the children of God on their knees in prayer anytime for their sins, the sins of their children, or the sins of our nation.  Conviction has been eradicated and replaced with the feeling of “I’m Okay”.  The affirmation of sin has created a callousness that is leading us to destruction.  Rather than feeling deep shame in disobeying God, mankind tries to salve his conscience with doing a good deed to “balance the scales” of moral goodness in his mind.

Sin has but one cure…the shed blood of Jesus.  The songwriter said it, “Oh, precious is the flow that washes white as snow. No other fount I know…Nothing but the blood of Jesus!”

In her autobiography, My Life, former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir tells the story of her devout Jewish grandfather who lived in Russia. He was required to serve in the Russian army for sixteen years. During that time, he tried to keep every Jewish law and custom even though it meant that he faced intense persecution—even being forced to kneel on a stone floor for hours. 

When he was released, he feared that he may have somehow broken the Law and for the rest of his life he slept on a stone floor using a stone for his pillow to try to make up for any sin he may have accidentally committed.  It is tragic that he went to such lengths to pay for his sin when Jesus has provided the atonement.

(Source: My Life, Golda Meir).