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If Only…….

Every person is blessed with some level of imagination.  Certainly, a small percentage have the creativity to do amazing things in their various fields.  For the rest of us, we are more apt to be creative in our daydreaming or “wish list”. Who has not had a moment when you dreamed of winning the contest to the applause of an awed crowd, singing the solo magnificently, making the sale of the century, or giving the speech that stirred people to do that which was thought to be impossible?

Life has a way of bringing us down.  The truth is that we have more mediocre days than days that are stupendous.  I read a sermon one time where the preacher had stated that life has a few great days, some good days, lots of bland days, occasional bad days, and there is coming “the evil day” which the LORD warns us about.   In the list of bad days, perhaps you have had those in business when you could not believe that you missed a great opportunity.  And, if that “miss” was later seen as a turning point in your career, then the pain has lingered.  Here is such an example: 

The Volkswagen was developed in Nazi Germany as one of Hitler’s attempts to improve the lives of ordinary German citizens. The car was cheap and therefore affordable to the middle class, hence the meaning of its name: folk’s wagon. After World War II, however, Germany lay devastated as was the Volkswagen factory. Fortunately, the company lay in the American zone. The Americans, however, saw no value in the area, so they handed it over to the British who made it the responsibility of British Army Officer Major Ivan Hirst.

Hirst originally planned to take the factory equipment as part of the post war reparations, but he was also responsible for the surviving Germans in his jurisdiction. To provide for them, he decided to sell a few cars abroad. They were an instant hit, so Hirst offered to sell the Volkswagen company to British, Australian, French, and American firms. Too focused on making luxury cars and refusing to be tainted with Nazi technology, they all refused.

Volkswagen remains one of the best-selling cars today, while many British, French, and American car makers struggle to remain viable.

In eternity, we will see how many “missed opportunities” presented themselves, but were missed……

In 1269 Kublai Khan sent a request from Peking to Rome for “a hundred wise men of the Christian religion…And so I shall be baptized, and when I shall be baptized all my baron and great men will be baptized, and their subjects baptized, and so there will be more Christians here than there are in your parts.” 

The Mongols were then wavering in the choice of a religion. It might have been, as Kublai forecast, the greatest mass religious movement the world has ever seen. The history of all Asia would have been changed. But what actually happened? Pope Gregory X answered by sending two Dominican friars. They got as far as Armenia, could endure no longer and returned home. So, passed the great missionary opportunity in the history of the church.  (Copied).