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Only in America

Only in America….

…. do people trample each other for sales one day after being thankful for what they already have.

… could a man sue McDonalds for still being depressed after eating a happy meal!

…can people mess up something good, by looking for something better, just to end up with something worse.

… when you do something good, no one seems to remember, but when you do something bad, no one seems to forget.

When you go out in America, you usually have such large food portions that you must take them home. Guests to America find this is so weird.  They are so large, non-Americans say, “It’s impossible to finish the whole thing.”

In greetings, we say, “How are you?” and really only mean, “Hello”.

People who visit our nation find it strange that in a public space, an American person comes up and starts talking to you.

We have made everything accessible with drive-through windows from drive-through wedding chapels in Las Vegas to drive-through daiquiri stands in Louisiana, and drive-through Starbucks and ammunition stores.

America is filled with American flags. “We’ve got porch flags, roof flags, yard flags, flags to frame and hang on your wall, flags on your shirt, flags on your pants, we got little mini flags to stick on your car, […] and don’t get me started on flag tattoos.” 

Every time someone mentions they’re going to a town or city for a visit, we tell them about a great place to eat. “Oh, you gotta’ try that pizza place there.” People [start] talking about new burger joints that opened or how they’re going to this restaurant that serves pancakes with bananas or whatever. 

You Can Track Your Dollar…You can see where your dollar has been and where it is going by using the site Where’s George. Just enter the serial number of the dollar in your wallet, and you can find out what zip codes it’s passed through to get to your wallet or keep an eye on where it heads after you spend it. 

Here we park in our driveways, sit in traffic on our parkways, and ride through deep valleys on highways!

What a country!

(These facts were taken from various sites on the internet.  The list would be too long to post here.  Just know that every one of these was “copied” so that if you want to find where, Google it.)