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I Am With You

Personal interaction is the most effective means of communication.  Although we are surrounded by various voices vying for our attention, the voice of one person speaking personally to us results in a much better grasp of the information, and a much more pleasant experience from the conversation.  If the speaker has compassion, congeniality, and a bright countenance, we will converse with them even if we do not know them.

If they are a salesperson, even the person who is determined not to buy “anything” will be strangely drawn to a personable sales person that speaks with kindness, clarity, and has a great grasp of the qualities of the product being sold.  And, if the owner of the business or product is making the appeal themselves for a customer to purchase their product, the sales are much more likely to transpire.

Harry ran a small appliance store in Phoenix, Arizona. Harry was used to price-shopping by young couples. They would ask detailed questions about features, prices, and model numbers, and one of them always took notes. Harry knew that as soon as they left the store they were going to head for one of the discount appliance dealers to make comparisons. Nevertheless, Harry would patiently answer all their questions, even though it took more than a half hour at times. 

But when the couple would announce that they were going to look around at some other places, Harry had a standard spiel to deliver. “I know that you’re looking for the best deal you can find,” he would say. “I understand that, because I do the same thing myself. I know you’ll probably go down to Discount Dan’s to compare prices. I know I would. But after you’ve done that, I want you to think of one thing. When you buy from Discount Dan’s, you get an appliance–a good one, I know, because he sells the same appliances we do. But when you buy here, you get one thing you don’t get at Dan’s. You get me. I come with the deal. I stand behind what I sell. I want you to be happy with what you buy. I’ve been here 30 years. I learned the business from my Dad, and I hope to be able to give the business over to my daughter and son-in-law in a few years. So you know one thing for sure–when you buy an appliance from me, you get me with the deal. That means I’ll do everything I can to be sure you never regret doing business with me. That’s a guarantee.” Harry would then wish the couple well and give them a quart of ice cream in appreciation of their stopping at his store. 

“Now,” he says, “how far do you think that couple is going to get, with Harry’s speech ringing in their ears and a quart of ice cream on their hands in Phoenix, when it’s 110 degrees in the shade?” (Copied).

Jesus’ ministry was all about ministering to people one-on-one.  Those who met Jesus were enthralled with their moments with the Master.  There was just something about His countenance, spirit, and gentleness that made the vilest opponent respect and revere His authority. He commanded all of us as His followers to “go and tell everybody” about Him.  As the disciples in the first century went in Jesus’ name and did many mighty works, so, too, Believers for over 20 centuries have gone out in His name.  Working and telling others about Jesus in the power of His Holy Spirit has brought multitudes of people to know our Jesus.  When the Gospel is shared properly, the person that is seeking to know Christ learns that “if” they believe in Him, they get an eternal relationship with Him living in them!  What a powerful guarantee for success spiritually!