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How Much Does That Cost?

You have heard it said, “This generation knows the price of everything, and the true worth of nothing”. That is not always true, but it does convey a great deal of veracity about this time in our history.  Our culture is selling out our character for our cravings.  Children and students have no mooring because adults have lost their moral convictions and foundations.

The same temptations and sins have always plagued man since the fall of Adam. We don’t have to study history books to find that out.  Just reading the Old Testament and the books of Moses (the first five books of the Old Testament) reveal that iniquity that we find shocking already in practice and was reprehensible to God then.  By the time of Moses, human beings were exploring every evil avenue.  Because of the proliferation of sin, we find prohibitions to most every current  sin in the laws recorded by Moses over 3,000 years ago!

Why did God have to correct His people and remind them repeatedly to shun evil? Because we are prone to settle for immediate gratification that gives momentary pleasure and long-term sorrow.  Mankind prefers sin over walking in righteousness and gaining abundant and eternal life. We value that which is worthless morally and forfeit that which is of greater worth than silver and gold.  The world casts its trinkets before us and we sell out for junk.  God offers “real life” and many reject it. That decision leads them to find out too late that they could have had the unfathomable value of God’s forgiveness, salvation, and promise of joy unspeakable in the precious life He gives!

Things bought at garage sales don’t usually end up on the evening news, but a Chinese bowl bought by a New York family in 2007, became famous in April of 2013. The new owners paid just three dollars for what turned out to be a bowl from the Northern Song Dynasty that was more than one thousand years old. Until someone told them what they really had, the family had the bowl stuck on the mantle over their fireplace. When they placed the bowl with Sotheby’s Auction House for sale, it was estimated to go for approximately $200,000. Instead a dealer from London purchased it for more than $2,000,000! 

Why would the first owners sell something so valuable for just $3? The answer is that they didn’t appreciate what it was worth. We may shake our heads at that, but the truth is that every day men and women give up things far more valuable than money could buy for something that is ultimately worthless. 

When a woman sacrifices her integrity to steal from her employer to be able to buy something she wants, or a man sacrifices his purity to commit immorality to satisfy his lust, something of great worth is being given up for something very cheap. This is a clear indication of misplaced values. When parents ignore their children’s need to further a career (or even a ministry), they are giving up something that cannot be regained for the sake of something that will not last. (Copied).