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Please Teach Me to Pray

George Muller is a name that is well known among Christians. He lived in the 19th century in England, but his life’s story has been told around the world. For those believers that know about mighty men of spiritual valor and dedication, Muller’s name is always associated as having tremendous power in his praying. He was known for the specific prayers offered up for orphans under his care.  In his lifetime, he cared for over 10,000 orphans and built 117 Bible schools that provided Christian education to more than 120,000 children.  He was often found in prayer for any of life’s needs….

Once, while crossing the Atlantic on the SS Sardinian in August 1877, his ship ran into thick fog. He explained to the captain that he needed to be in Quebec by the following afternoon, but Captain Joseph E. Dutton (later known as “Holy Joe”) said that he was slowing the ship down for safety and Müller’s appointment would have to be missed. Müller asked to use the chartroom to pray for the lifting of the fog. The captain followed him down, claiming it would be a waste of time. After Müller prayed a very simple prayer, the captain started to pray, but Müller stopped him; partly because of the captain’s unbelief, but mainly because he believed the prayer had already been answered. Müller said, “Captain, I have known my Lord for more than fifty years and there is not one instance that I have failed to have an audience with the King. Get up, Captain, for you will find that the fog has gone.” When the two men went back to the bridge, they found the fog had lifted, and Müller was able to keep his appointment. The captain became a Christian shortly afterwards.  (Copied).

For one to have the foundation required to pray fervently and effectually, that person has spent time in God’s Word. Jesus is not an academic study but rather, He is a dear and precious friend.  Scripture is the way that a person comes to know and love Jesus personally.  Once that is the case, calling on Jesus in prayer is not a “blind hope so” going up into heaven.  Rather, prayer is fully trusting the most powerful Person in the universe that is the “pray-er’s” best friend to grant what has been asked.  Asking that Friend to provide help for a need that pertains to “His own possession” (like orphans that He loves) is not a laborious task.  It is a conversation with One that knows well the need and is well known to the praying saint.  Faith in that Friend is sure!

Is reading the Bible a necessary part of your day or does it have a low priority in your life? George Muller, after having read the Bible through one hundred times with increasing delight, made this statement: “I look upon it as a lost day when I have not had a good time over the Word of God. Friends often say, I have so much to do, so many people to see, I cannot find time for Scripture study.’ Perhaps there are not many who have more to do than I.

For more than half a century I have never known one day when I had not more business than I could get through. For 4 years I have had annually about 30,000 letters, and most of these have passed through my own hands.

“Then, as pastor of a church with 1,200 believers, great has been my care. Besides, I have had charge of five immense orphanages; also, at my publishing depot, the printing and circulating of millions of tracts, books, and Bibles; but I have always made it a rule never to begin work until I have had a good season with God and His Word. The blessing I have received has been wonderful.”  (Copied).