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Living in Anticipation

I am not sure when the first prophet gave the first prophecy of the future.  Certainly, one of the first had to be Noah who preached to warn those around him that God’s judgment was coming.  They scoffed at the old man who preached about a flood and was constructing a huge boat in anticipation.  The laughter stopped when the rain began to pour and the water tables under the earth opened to consume all living things.

Since that time, there have been many that spoke with great authority about things in their future. As we know, just predicting future events is far from being accurate.   For example, here are some who had notable reputations, but their foresight did not become fact.

The book, The World’s Worst Predictions lists some of history’s all-time prophetic goofs. 

  1. King George II said in 1773 that the American colonies had little stomach for revolution. 
  2. An official of the White Star Line, speaking of the firm’s newly built flagship, the Titanic, launched in 1912, declared that the ship was unsinkable. 
  3. In 1939 The New York Times said the problem of TV was that people had to glue their eyes to a screen, and that the average American wouldn’t have time for it. 
  4. An English astronomy professor said in the early 19th century that air travel at high speed would be impossible because passengers would suffocate.  (Copied).

The greatest interest in prophecy today is found in Christian communities. With the vast changes around the world in cultures, wars, political maneuvering, and economic inequities, the increase of books on prophecy is rising at exponential rates.  Even those who have no spiritual background or interest are aware that the times of this 21st century are significantly news worthy and filled with tension. For that reason, the news media is continually watching the actions of the major nations and their eyes are on the Middle East.  Why?  Because even secularists are aware that one of the most volatile places on earth is the Middle East.

Christians are looking toward Jerusalem. That city is where this world will come to a close.  On the Mount of Olives, our LORD will return, and His feet will touch done on that site which is just outside the Eastern Gate of the temple. When He comes, every eye will behold Him, and every knee will bow before Him and declare that He is LORD!

Dr. George Sweeting once estimated that “more than a fourth of the Bible is predictive prophecy…Both the Old and New Testaments are full of promises about the return of Jesus Christ. Over 1800 references appear in the Old Testament, and seventeen Old Testament books give prominence to this theme. Of the 260 chapters in the New Testament, there are more than 300 references to the Lord’s return; one out of every 30 verses. Twenty-three of the twenty-seven New Testament books refer to this great event…For every prophecy on the first coming of Christ, there are eight on Christ’s second coming.” (Copied).

Are you watching?  He is coming. When He does, it will be sudden, and Scripture says He will come like a “thief in the night”.  Are you ready?  Are those in your family ready?  Are you sure?