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What the World Needs Now

Parenting is not for sissies.  The moment a child is brought into this world, the needs of that small person are basic, but the frequency that the “needs” must be met demand one’s constant attention.  Even though young moms and dads know that concept mentally, it is a very different experience to live with it day and night.  Sleep deprivation is real because of crying that does not stop.  And you parents know very well that there are those times when seemingly nothing a mom or dad does can satisfy whatever it is that the child is demanding.

Parents know when they are reaching the limit of their patience. It is then they need their mate to help them with a baby so that they can take a little break before returning to the calming of a 10-15-pound little tornado.

How very tragic when we hear on the news that a child was abused by a parent, boyfriend, or baby sitter because the baby would not stop crying.  Studies have been done that report the number of abuse cases is on the rise.  We know from local sources that foster care and adoption needs are proliferating exponentially. Many homes are fractured by divorce, “live-in” lovers, drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling addictions, opioid addiction, and sexual abuse that is rampant for women, boys, and girls.

The inner control of the Holy Spirit living in parents is becoming more uncommon as time goes on.  Each person believes that they know what they are doing, and they don’t need any advice.  However, the statistics would indicate our culture does not know what they are doing.  Truth is that abused, and neglected children become violent, abusive, and displaced adults

Don Carson, the great New Testament scholar from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, tells the story of one of his colleagues who was a foster parent. He and his wife would take children into their home and keep them until they could be placed permanently in other loving homes. And one day he received a call from the agency. And the agency said, “We want you to keep two twin boys.” And he and his wife said, “We’ve never kept twins before. How old are they, and how long are we going to keep them?” “Well, they’re 18 months old. And we’d like for you to keep them for just 6 weeks. “OK. If it’s just for six weeks, send them on over.” It turned out that those little boys had been in 9 different homes in their first 18 months. And they had been severely abused in most of them.

The first night they put the little boys down, they didn’t make a sound. Perry and his wife were curious. They went into the room and they found the boys in the bed weeping uncontrollably but muffling the sound of their cries into the pillow, because in some of the previous homes where they had stayed, they had been beaten when they cried. The psychologist told them that these children would never, ever be psychologically and emotionally normal and whole. They were irremediably affected by this experience.

Two years later a home was found for those twins. And the social worker who provided the psychological analysis before the boys were sent on to their new home said that, “Inexplicably and miraculously those boys were now normal, having experienced the love of a family that cared.” How much did that cost that family in time and in energy? But I want to ask you, “Was that stewardship worth it?” what value do you put on a human life? (Copied).

The love we receive when we come to know Christ is the power we have to love others.  Loving a child and holding, singing, walking with them, and praying over them has an amazing impact on them.  Over time, the love that we invest when they are young will most often be returned many times over when they are adults.  They realize the patient love they were given when they needed it most.   They want to be that kind of parent to their children.  And, seeing a loving child that is now a good parent is a tremendous blessing for those that loved them through the rough places” and caused them to be a fine example of what it means to be a Christ-follower.