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One Problem That is Still Rampant

We know the fight to provide clean air, water, and work environments so that we are not subjected to harmful chemicals or toxins.  Food producers are required to list what is in that can or box in the grocery store.  The goal is to reveal what may be ingested that is put in the product sometime between the farm and your family table.  One does not have to be a zealot in watching what is eaten daily to know that there are so many things all around us that are harmful, it would be next to impossible to live a totally pure life free from the intake of harmful poisons to the body.

Recently, in reading an article, I was bombarded with information about how many bad things are “out there” just waiting for me to eat, drink, breathe, or be exposed to by physical contact.  The list was long, but here are some of the things presented in that document….






Motor oil

Paints and solvents

Hazardous materials from the processes of petroleum refining, pesticide and other chemical manufacturing among others

Soot from burning materials 

Never in history has a generation been more health conscious than ours.  Of course, the reason is because we have never had more chemicals that can harm us “loosed” on a culture that in this present time.

The irony to me is that while we are working at fitness, good diet, and caution about what we are exposed to that is bad for our physical health, we are mostly oblivious to the great illness that will kill us according to God’s laws.  The wages of sin is still death.  It is crippling, insipid, divisive, deadly, and cruel when it has taken over soul, mind, and body.

Sin is horrid for it destroys from the inside out.  Like a rapid growing malignancy, once it is given full reign, it grows at an exponential rate.  Because the effects are not always visible, sin can wreak havoc on the mind, spirit, soul, and body before one realizes how far the impact of sin has progressed. There is a cure and it is sure.  The blood of Jesus can cleanse and remove the sin, its guilt, and its power to enslave.

All who come to Jesus for the cure find life restored, and life abundant.  Maybe you know someone that is in critical need of that kind of remedy.  The office of the Great Physician is open now.  Take your friend quickly to the One Who can heal and save to the uttermost all who seek, repent of sin, and trust the miracle cure of Christ’s salvation.  Don’t allow your loved one to die from the inside out.

A 13-foot Burmese python swallowed a 6-foot alligator in Florida . The consequences were lethal, as the gator split the snake open from the inside out, literally. That’s like what sin does to us. We think we have something great, until it destroys us from the inside out.