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Standing Up For Jesus

Kelvin Cochran is a Godly man who served the Lord, his city of Atlanta, Georgia, and the profession that was his life’s mission.  Fire Chief Cochran was always one of those individuals that rose to leadership wherever he served.  His determination to honor God was foremost in his focus.  Because of that, in everything that he set his mind to do, he did it unto the Lord with excellence.

It was our privilege to host Chief Cochran a couple of years ago in our church for him to share with us the actions taken against him for his Christian convictions.  He spoke to us of the things that had transpired because of a book he had written for a men’s Bible study. The title of the book is, WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED?  In one chapter, he made the statement that homosexuality is a sin.

That set off a firestorm of horrendous things being said and done to him from the crowd that espouses the Gay lifestyle and refuses to allow anyone with deep faith convictions to espouse those convictions in this era.  Chief Cochran was terminated by the City of Atlanta for writing the book (not for or to the city, but for men in his church).  He had no previous blemish on his professional record.  There had been no complaints of bigotry or bias ever.  Not one single indication that he had ever treated any person with anything other that deep respect.

Just this past week, he was awarded $1.2 million in a settlement from Atlanta.  God worked in his behalf and this judgment by the courts exonerates him of wrongdoing. That will not replace the three years of grief, loss of a career, and legal wrangling, but it does remove the stigma from a man of God.  The LORD worked mightily in his behalf and in that, we can all rejoice in His victory.

Here is an excerpt of Chief Cochran’s remarks from BAPTIST PRESS following the settlement.

Cochran told Baptist Press of “five things that I have learned in my experience” from “people that we hold dear in the Bible that have gone through persecution.”

“The first one is, God always prepares His children to face persecution…. We wouldn’t be going through it if He hadn’t drawn the conclusion that we were ready.

“Number two is the hardest of the five things, and that is, there are worldly consequences for standing on biblical truth and standing for Christ.

“Number three, there are Kingdom consequences … [that] are always greater than the worldly consequences.

“The fourth thing is that when we endure persecution, God is glorified on a greater scale.

“And the fifth thing I’ve learned is that when we have the courage and faith to stand, a life of blessings escalates ‘exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever ask or think,'” he said, citing Ephesians 3:20 in the New Testament.  (Art Toalston posted Wednesday, October 17, 2018).