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It’s always risky.  Seeing a photo of something for sale on social media and wondering if it really is in as good of shape as it appears to be.  The potential buyer only has a small picture of the object they are looking to purchase.  In a time when dishonesty is common, buyer beware!

No matter where you go in the world, the merchant (or seller) is eager to tout the positive benefits of the item for sale. The buyer, on the other hand, wants to act as nonchalant as possible to keep from looking too eager.  There is the fear of being “taken” on the part of the buyer.  The seller, on the other hand, is determined not to let a good prospect slip through his/her fingers. The thrill of closing the deal and the desire to “capture” the buyer happens thousands upon thousands of times daily.  And, despite seeking to get the best item for the lowest price, sometimes the prized purchase turns out to be a lemon.  And, the seller may make a most enthusiastic sales pitch repeatedly only to be turned down.

I have always empathized with Jacob in the Old Testament who worked seven years “and got the wrong bride” (Leah).  He then had to work seven more years to marry Rachel, his chosen bride. Jacob had seen Rachel and knew that he loved her from time spent with her.  For Americans, we spend lots of time with the person that we think we  could love for life.  Sometimes couples may date for several years before becoming husband and wife.  Can you imagine living in a culture where your marriage is arranged for you by the fathers of the bride and groom?

When Albert Fallaize was a missionary working in Morocco in the first part of the 20th century, he had some dealings with the Jewish community there.  A friend invited him to come to his sister’s wedding.  They were in the synagogue for ages as Rachel, the friend’s sister, sat in the front in clothes covered with jewels borrowed for the occasion.  Her eyes were tightly shut through the whole service, and then she was led out of the synagogue into a wagon drawn by mules to her new home down the street.  She was carried inside on a chair and placed on a cushion behind a curtain.  After a little while, her husband would enter and draw the curtain aside.  She would open her eyes and see, sometimes for the first time, the man who would be her husband.  What a moment when she saw the person that would be her mate and vice versa for life!

None of us would choose to enter marriage that way.  Rather, there would be the longing to get to know the one you were going to spend life’s journey sharing together.  And, you would have significant questions.  What kind of person is he….  kind and gentle, or harsh and demanding?  What are his values that are non-negotiable?  Was he the kind of man that would encourage and provide support for you?  What was his family like?  Would they want you to be a part of their son’s life from now on?  (Copied).

Sadly, people have been known to make an emotional commitment to Christ Jesus. They never really knew Him before and did not seek to know Him more after salvation.  To truly surrender to anyone, there must be a genuine love that is willing to yield your life to another.  Once a person professes that “Jesus is my Lord and Savior”, the rest of life’s experiences are learning how to submit to the will of God and walk with Him out of the reality of His great love for His own.   We may not see him with our “eyes of flesh”, but the evidence of who He is, what He has done for us, what He did to save us, how He longs to indwell us and empower us, and the marvelous place He has provided for His own manifests His love. We cannot fail to understand the love, grace, forgiveness, and mercy that He is willing to give.  Trusting Jesus is not a “step into the unknown”. Rather, it is joining your life to the One that has love you forever!  I hope you know for sure that you have joined your life to His…. Forever!