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It is impossible to thank everybody that makes our lives easier.  Where would we even begin or where would we ever end?  So many contributions to our well-being are done by people that we don’t even realize they “did what they did”.  In the complexity of our modern era, scores of people are doing a myriad number of tasks and services to provide for all of us. It is very difficult to thank someone that does some task daily that we aren’t aware is even being done, in a locale that we don’t know exists, and by people that we don’t know at all. Not only are there people we never thank, it is likely true that we don’t know them or what they do!

Some years ago, a doctor and a pastor sat in a restaurant talking about the problems worldwide—so many suffering people, a rise in suicides, rampant diseases, the jobless, violence and a host of other ills. The pastor said, “In a couple of weeks I have to preach on Thanksgiving. What can I say?”

The doctor said it was like the Spirit of God answered that question: “Why not thank those people who’ve been a blessing in your life and affirm them during this terrible time?” The pastor immediately thought of an English teacher who had instilled in him a love of literature and verse, affecting all his writing and preaching.  So, he wrote to her.  In a matter of days, he got a reply in the feeble scrawl of the aged teacher who had meant so very much to him.  

She wrote, “I can’t tell you how much your note meant to me. I am in my eighties, living alone in a small room, cooking my own meals, lonely, and like the last leaf of autumn lingering behind. You’ll be interested to know that I taught in school for more than 50 years, and yours is the first note of appreciation I ever received. It came on a blue, cold morning, and it cheered me as nothing has done in many years. Thank you so very much!”   (Copied),

There are lots of people “that we do know” what they did or have done for us.  For some of us, many of those teachers, coaches, band leaders, mentors, youth ministers, pastors from our past, neighbors, friends, etc. are with the LORD.  If, however, you know of “one” someone that  greatly impacted you earlier in your life or even blessed you up until this present moment, maybe this would be great time to encourage them with a “thank you so much” greeting.  If you have never done so, they would be pleasantly surprised that you took the time to do so.  If you have, they would be grateful that you took the time to do it again.

“Thanks” is not a difficult word to spell, but sometimes it is a very difficult word for us to say or write to another person.  One thing is for sure… you won’t offend anyone by expressing gratitude for the impact that that person made on your life.  Even though you may have convinced yourself that you do not have to say it because they know you are grateful, why not go the extra step and surprise them with a needed commendation of praise.

Rudyard Kipling at one time was so popular that his writings were getting ten shillings per word. A few college students, however, did not appreciate Kipling’s writings; they facetiously sent him a letter and enclosed ten shillings. It read, “Please, send us your best word.” They got back a letter from Kipling that said, “Thanks.”  (Copied).