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What Can One Person Do?

On this planet of almost 7 billion people, it is easy to feel that we are just not that significant.  Truth is that because there are more of us, there really is a decrease in true relationship building and meaningful personal interaction.  Without the security and framework of daily contacts with people that know us and that we know, who call us by name, tell us a quick fact about their day, and wish us well as we go to our next stop, our human nature suffers.

God has a marvelous plan for every person and how we fulfill that plan is the key to our sense of self-worth, mental soundness, and emotional well-being.  That greeting as you enter the office or school, the handshake with your first appointment, the interaction that is meaningful, the text that you send or receive to encourage and commend someone are all vital to genuine relationships.  Those are needed to keep us “whole”.

In the process of those interactions, we live out the “action” of our days. Those individuals that fill their days with purposeful projects, and meaningful tasks feel the reward of accomplishment.  Not many people will ever be well known in the city, state, nation, or era in which they lived. That principle is true in nature. The streams that flow from a mountainside are the result of billions and billions of drops of water working together to refresh all that are in its path. The fortunate person that gets to stand near enough to hear the sound, feel the mist, or even wade in the stream is thrilled because each of the “single drops” together provide a most memorable experience. Every drop of water is vital to the full effect of the strength of the rushing stream that exhilarates. No one single drop of the stream stands out as exceptional. But together, they are amazing.

Occasionally, however, there is that “one person” that is truly exceptional in their life’s quests to bless all who come behind them.  Consider the life of a person of that prominence listed below….

  1. Many people reading this page are doing so with the aid of bifocals. Inventor? Ben Franklin, age 79. 
  2. ”The presses that printed the pages you read today were powered by electricity. One of the first harnessers? Ben Franklin, age 40.
  3. ”Some are reading this article on the campus of one of the Ivy League universities. Founder? Ben Franklin, age 45.
  4. ”Others, in a library. Who founded the first library in America? Ben Franklin, age 25. 
  5. ”Some got their copy through the U.S. Mail. Its father? Ben Franklin, age 31.
  6. Who started the first fire department, invented the lightning rod, designed the heating stove still in use today? Ben Franklin, ages 31, 43, 36. 

Wit, Conversationalist, Economist, Philosopher, Diplomat, Printer, Publisher, Linguist (spoke and wrote five languages). Advocate of paratroopers (from balloons) a century before the airplane was invented. All of this until age 84.  ”And he had exactly two years of formal schooling. It’s a good bet that you already have more sheer knowledge that Franklin ever had when he was your age.  (Copied).

Don’t feel badly if you are “only” one and not that significant as far as great life achievements like Ben Franklin!   There are lots of us like that.  So, get with the rest of us “drops” and together, we can do great things!