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These Are Worth Remembering

It is never difficult to hear or to find bad news.  But we all rejoice when we can celebrate good news.  When that good news relates to victories experienced in Christianity and religions freedom’s defense, then all Christ-followers can readily rejoice.  In 2018, there were many advances and several significant Supreme Court decisions that defended the First Amendment’s guaranteed “free exercise” of religion in America.  Perhaps you remember these….

National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra – The Supreme Court struck down a California law that required pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise or refer clients to free or low-cost abortion centers. The Court affirmed that the government cannot force Americans to give information or encourage the use of abortionists which would violate Christian convictions.

Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission Jack Phillips, a Colorado cake baker and decorator serves everyone.  He stated that he doesn’t create cakes celebrating all messages or events that violate his Christian convictions. He took that stand when he bake a cake celebrating a same-sex marriage. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the state’s order that had forced Jack to create art that violated his conscience.  The Court declared that the State of Colorado had been “neither tolerant nor respectful of his religious beliefs.”

Cochran v. City of Atlanta — In 2015, Chief Kelvin Cochran, a 30-year distinguished fire fighter, was fired from his post as Atlanta fire chief after he wrote a men’s devotional in his spare time that briefly mentions his belief in the biblical understanding of marriage and sexuality. In October 2018, the city of Atlanta agreed to pay Cochran $1.2 million in the wake of a federal court ruling that the city had violated his constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of religion.  (Taken from:

From a revitalization of American values, to good leaders putting forth best practices legislation, to monumental Supreme Court wins, to new Supreme Court vacancies… things are certainly looking up!

For the second straight year, hundreds of state legislators from all over the country participated in Project Blitz, an initiative of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, which is spearheaded by government leaders in the American Prayer Caucus Network to advance religious liberty nationwide.

More than 200 religious freedom bills in over 32 states and Congress have been proposed in 2018 alone, with 24 bills in 13 states signed into law.  Legislative wins include displaying ‘In God We Trust’ as our National motto in the public square, teaching about the Bible in public schools, protecting the rights of clergy members, protecting faith-based adoption agencies and much more. Of the 200+ bills, 74 could directly be traced to the “best practice” Report and Analysis of Religious Freedom Measures provided by our own legal team. 

(Taken from: